Released in 2009, the sandbox video game from studio Mojang - Minecraft has since taken the world by storm. It has been ported to multiple platforms, including Windows, OS X, Linux, together with flagship versions for Xbox 360 and PS4. Minecraft is the best-selling video game of all-time with over 20 crore copies sold worldwide and 12.6 crore active players per month as of 2020. Today, we’ll take a look at a reason why the game’s popularity still managed to take off after its 11th year in the market. This is a complete guide to Minecraft skins to download for free. 

What Are The Minecraft Skins to Download for Free?

There’re many elements that add up to Minecraft’s overall popularity. One of which is definitely the ability for players to customize pretty much everything in the game. Being a sandbox game made from blocks, Minecraft allows you to freely build and express your imagination. That’s maybe why the game is so popular among the younger generations with a mind for creativity. We promise you will never run out of things to do in Minecraft. 

minecraft skins to download for free intro
Enjoy the newly updated Minecraft 1.16 with tons of changes

But it doesn’t stop there. There are tons of knock-offs, adaptations, mods, maps, and other downloadable content for Minecraft to enrich your gameplay. Even the character’s appearance is changeable via skins. These are the custom-designed appearance by players around the world that you can download and use to modify the look of your character. Whether you’re playing Alex or Steve, Minecraft skin to download for free is always available. 

minecraft skins to download for free steve alex
Get Alex and Steve their new looks with the Minecraft skins

Where to Find Minecraft Skins to Download for Free? 

Looking for new skins to spice up your character’s appearance in Minecraft, that wouldn’t be too big of a problem since you can easily find skins offered for free. Within just one second, you’ll receive tons of results about websites offering Minecraft skins. Here are some sites that you should check out: 

Minecraft Skins Download Free PC

If you’re using the Minecraft launcher or the Tlauncher on PC, then head to or The first one offers a wider collection of apparel for you to choose while the second’s arsenal is more refined. Feel free to check out both of the websites to determine which suits your style better. However, most players prefer thanks to its ability to allow users to customize any skins. Nevertheless, either is great for Minecraft skins download free unblocked. 

minecraft skins to download for free
Tlauncher is a free gateway to play Minecraft

Minecraft Skins Download Free PE (Pocket Edition)

Above is our guide to the PC version of Minecraft, but what if you’re a proud mobile gamer who enjoys the Pocket Edition better? Well, it doesn’t mean you can’t get the perks of Minecraft skins download free unblocked. So, how to do it? There’s actually an app on both Google Play Store and Apple Play Store named “Skins for Minecraft PE”. It doesn’t get any obvious than that. 

minecraft skins to download for free pe
Enjoy the Pocket Edition of Minecraft on your portable devices

Go to the store, find and install the application, then you can access a gigantic vault of Minecraft skins download free PE. With more than 5 million downloads on Google Play Store alone, you’re assured of the app’s credibility. Not only does it provide great skins at the cost of nothing, but it also enables users to further customize to your likings. The app’s layout is simple and straight-forward, so don’t worry about getting lost on the process. 

Create Your Own Skin

Downloading pre-made skins is surely convenient, but what if you want to leave your own trademark with a unique creation? Well, you can always use the editor tool available on to design a look that screams “YOU”. Feel free to express your creativity and imagination. You can also share your own custom skins on the websites for others to use and be credited as an editor, too. How cool is that?

minecraft skins to download for free editor
Use the skindex editor to create your own skins

How to Use Minecraft Skins to Download for Free?

All the effort of getting the Minecraft skin to download for free won’t mean anything if you can’t use it. Luckily, the installation process is super easy. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  • Download the skin you want
  • Open your Minecraft launcher 
  • Go to the skin tab on your launcher (on the top left bar of your screen)
  • Click on the “New Skin” option, then browse
  • Choose the skin you downloaded from the file location 
  • Rename the skin if you want then save 

Note: Once you’ve saved the skin, you can easily access it from the skin tab without having to reinstall it again. The same process applies to the Pocket Edition of Minecraft. 

Best Minecraft Skins to Download for Free

Among perhaps millions of skins floating the Internet, there are some that Minecraft players around the world specifically adore and use more often than others. Here we have compiled a list of the most popular ones for your reference: 


Though never actually appeared in the unmodded Minecraft, Herobrine is still one of the most popular mysterious characters to come out of the sandbox game. The model of supreme power, hence, has his very own skin being amidst the most popular. 

minecraft skins to download for free herobrine
You can't summon Herobrine in an unmodded version of Minecraft


The Dark Knight’s popularity surely helps to earn him a spot on the list of the best Minecraft skins out there. Embrace your inner “Bruce Wayne” with the blocky version of the billionaire vigilante. 

minecraft skins to download for free justice league
Get the whole Justice League collection

Iron Man

Bruce Wayne isn’t the only billionaire in the list, as Tony Stark lands himself a spot. Do you know that there’s a mod that allows you to play as the Iron Man?

minecraft skins to download for free Iron Man Skin
You can be Iron Man, too

The Boy

There’s no official name for this, so we just call it “The Boy”. It seems like the simple yet relatable design really attracts tons of players to choose this skin. 

minecraft skins to download for free boy
These skins often look alike, just minor tweaks with the colors and outfits

Minecraft Skins Download Free Fortnite 

Here’s another collection of prominent skins, Fortnite style:

minecraft skins download free fortnite
Fortnite Skin #1
minecraft skins download free fortnite #2
Fortnite Skin #2
minecraft skins download free fortnite #3
Fortnite Skin #3

That’s everything on our guide to Minecraft skins to download for free. Let us know in the comment section down below which skin is your favorite. For more insightful guides, tips, and tricks into the world of gaming, visit our website at