Minecraft kaise khelte hain? It would be superabundant to answer this question for pro players of this legendary game. But if you are beginners and have just played this game a few days ago, this guide can be useful to you. Here’s the guide on Minecraft game kaise khelte hain and some tips for beginners. Check it out here with Gurugamer.com.

Minecraft Kaise Khelte Hain: Getting Started

The first thing you need to do to play Minecraft is downloading the game. Then, when the installation is done, you can log in and play the game. In the main menu, you need to choose to play Single Player or Multi-Player mode. Beginners should start this game in Single Player mode instead of playing with other players online right away.

Minecraft Guide
Minecraft is an interesting game of mining and crafting activities

Besides, you need to choose the language to play this game in your language. It’s the tiny button with a symbol of the Globe, right next to the Options button. In the Options section, you can set up the graphics, sound, levels, mouse controls, and other general settings.

Next to the Options button is the button of the Quit Game. When you want to quit the game and close the window, click on it.

Minecraft Log In
The Mian Menu Of This Game

Start to Play Minecraft

You should start this game with Single Player mode by clicking on it in the main menu. Then, click on the option Create New World to start building your own world in Minecraft. Then, you need to name your world by entering any name you want before clicking on the Create New World button.

Minecraft Detailed Guide For Beginner
Playing Minecraft, you will create your own world from blocks

The tips for beginners in this step is turning on cheats to adjust the level of difficulty. To turn on or turn off cheats, click on the More World Options button and choose the Allow Cheats option. By allowing cheats, you can adjust the difficulty when playing the Adventure or Creative mode. After the world creating process is completed, the game will place your character in the new world and your journey in Minecraft started.

Minecraft Kaise Khelte Hain: Select A Proper Game Mode

There are many game modes that you can choose to play in Minecraft. The first game mode is Survival, in which players have to gather materials, build shelter, experience, and fight off hostile mobs. Like the name of this game mode, your mission is trying to survive. The next game mode to choose id Creative in which you will design your own world with items and blocks.

Minecraft World
Minecraft World is full of stunning things to explore

Besides, you can select to play Adventure mode and complete your adventure. In Spectator mode, players cannot interact with items, blocks, and entities but just spectate others’ worlds. Last but not least, Hardcore mode is pretty similar to Survival mode but it’s much harder. Moreover, you cannot respawn if you die and the map will be deleted permanently.

Minecraft Kaise Khelte Hain: Survival Tips

The first thing you should notice in this game is the health bar. If your health drops to zero, you will lose the game. The next thing to notice in Minecraft is the food bar. When it’s full, it will regenerate the health and fulfill the health bar.

In Minecraft, you will use a stick as your hand to interact with items, tools, and blocks to build your world. To survive in this world, you need to have a steady food supply and stay safe from dangerous monsters. Players need to build shelters to block the monsters out of your position.

Check Out The Health Bar In Minecraft
Check Out The Health Bar In Minecraft

You use your hand to cut trees, gather minerals, blocks, and build or break things in the game. Moreover, you can kill animals in the game for meat and collect fruits and vegetables available in the Minecraft world.

Minecraft Kaise Khelte Hain: Things To Do In The Game

There are many activities and things for you to do in this game. Here is the guide on how to play Minecraft you need to know.

How To Craft Stuff

To craft stuff, you need materials. When you punch the trees to collect the woodblocks. You can do the same to collect blocks of soil or stone to build beautiful things in your world. These materials you collect will be placed in the inventory. To craft stuff, you put the materials into the crafting grid and wait to drag the products to your inventory and place it into your world. You can craft many things, from furniture to fences, roofs, windows, etc. to decorate your houses.

Minecraft Crafting
Crafting things in the crafting grid

How To Build Stuff

To build stuff in the Minecraft world, you use the blocks of materials you have collected from nature to build houses. It’s very easy. You go to the inventory, choose the materials, and place these blocks on the place you want. You can jump or even fly to reach high places, such as the rooftop.

Minecraft Kaise Khelte Hain: Explore The World

There are a lot of stunning and interesting things to explore in your Minecraft worlds, such as deserts, oceans, forests, and amazing creatures. To see these things, you can control your character, walk, or run around. You can even ride a horse, sail a boat, or even fly without falling off. Players can also swim or dive into the sea to see many beautiful creatures there.

Minecraft Rtx World Conversion Ogimage
You can explore the world in this game

Minecraft Game Kaise Khelte Hain: Fight Monsters

Another important thing to do in this game is fighting monsters. Dangerous monsters go out at night and you have to fight them to survive. Players do not only need a good weapon but also great combat skills. You can use the weapons to attack these monsters. But you should have good timing to take down the monsters.

Here’s the detailed guide on Minecraft kaise khelte hain for beginners. To update more Minecraft game news as well as useful tips and tricks for gamers, let’s visit our website.