Minecraft isn’t a strange name in the gaming world, especially for sandbox lovers. Officially released in 2011, it didn’t take long for Minecraft to catch on with younger players and become the best-selling game of all time. It sold over 180 million copies across all platforms and currently has 112 million players monthly as of 2020. Today, we’re taking you through a crucial part of the Minecraft world: ranching. Read on to find out in Minecraft what do horses eat, what do sheep eat, and more!

1.Before we get to in Minecraft what do horses eat 

About Minecraft

In Minecraft, players will spawn in a procedurally-generated world made entirely of blocks, including the character model. You set out to discover seemingly endless terrains, extract raw minerals, craft increasingly better tools, build, fight, and thrive. There are two modes currently available in Minecraft: survival and creative. Their names are quite self-explanatory. In survival mode, players must gather resources to protect themselves from mobs; while in creative, you’re able to freely roam and build with unlimited materials. 

what do horses eat in minecraft ps4 poster
Minecraft is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and more

There’s no specific goal to achieve in this famous 3D sandbox game. You’re free to create anything at anywhere you want, just keep an eye for Creepers lurking around to blow you up. The Java edition of Minecraft does offer an achievement system called “Advancement” though. It records and notifies any new discoveries you make, but minus the rewards. The game’s virtually unlimited, with every featured block being exploitable - except for bedrocks. It gives players a digital playground where they can express their creativity and imagination. Minecraft players have been seen re-build the entire Earth with famous landmarks, or famous fictional locations in movies such as Hogwarts from the Harry Potter series.

what do horses eat in minecraft ps4 hogwarts
Minecraft players built the life-size model of the famous Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Minecraft is an award-winning game and often cited as “the most influential game of all time”. The game is so flexible that it has been reportedly used for special occasions such as a graduation ceremony. In 2014, Microsoft bought Mojang and its Minecraft intellectual property for $2.5 billion. Since then, the game continues to grow in popularity thanks to a vibrant community and annual events.

Ranching in Minecraft

Ranching is a pretty big thing in Minecraft since it provides materials for food, building, and keep you accompanied in the 3D blocky world. Most Minecraft players will look to set up a ranch and a farm right after finish building their bases for a sustainable food supply. Wild animals can be tamed or leased into ranches built with fences so that they can’t get out. Here’s a list of Minecraft mobs you can keep for the sake of survival:

  • Cows: drop raw beef and leather. They can also be milked for baking or used as an antidote.
  • Chickens: drop the raw chicken, feathers, and eggs. Eggs can be thrown on the ground with a 12.5% chance of spawning a new chicken. 
  • Sheep: drop raw mutton chops and wool - which can be dyed for decoration purposes.  
  • Rabbits: drop rabbit hide, rabbit foot, and raw rabbit
  • Horses: can be mounted and used as a fast means of transportation on land. 
what do horses eat in minecraft pc ranch
Build a ranch and farm to get yourself a sustainable food supply as well as a source of different materials

2. In Minecraft what do horses eat?

Valid horse feeds

Now, back to the main question, in Minecraft what do horses eat? Well, basically everything a horse would normally eat in the real world. Feeding horses can help them regenerate, alter their behaviors, and even cause them to grow. Below is a list of valid food items for horses and their effect:

  • Sugar: heals 0.5 health, reduces growth time by 30 seconds, increases 3 tempers
  • Wheat: heals 1 health, reduces growth time by 20 seconds, increases 3 tempers
  • Apple: heals 3 health, reduces growth time by 1 minute, increases 3 tempers
  • Golden Apple: heals 10 health, reduces growth time by 4 minutes, increases 10 tempers, enable “Love Mode”
  • Golden Carrot: heals 4 health, reduces growth time by 1 minute, increases 5 tempers, enable “Love Mode”
  • Hay bale: heals 20 health, reduces growth time by 3 minutes.
what do horses eat in minecraft pc color
Horses in Minecraft come with different variations

*Note: Love Mode is when an animal's ready to mate with others to reproduce upon being fed certain food. In Minecraft, a mob can not enter "Love Mode" in 5 minutes after spawning a new baby. Newborns take 10 minutes to fully grow, but this amount of time can be reduced by feeding them.

what do horses eat in minecraft pc breeding
You can trigger two horses to breed by feeding one Golden Apple or Carrot to each

Are horses important in Minecraft?

Horses are not integral to your Minecraft gameplay. However, if you want to build a thriving survival world, then owning a horse will go a long way. It helps you easily get from A to B at a greater speed than just sprinting on by foot. So, if you’re speed-running the game or playing briefly with your friends, then don’t worry too much about in Minecraft what do horses eat.

In Minecraft what do sheep eat?

Like horses, sheep is another farmable mob in Minecraft. They can produce meat and wool used to make beds and decorative items in-game. So in Minecraft what do sheep eat? They only eat wheat and will follow players holding wheat in the 6-block radius. You can take advantage of this mechanic to lure them into captivity. Feeding sheep wheat will also trigger “Love Mode”.

in minecraft what do sheep eat 1
Do you know that you can dye a sheep?

What about skeleton horses?

Skeleton horses are the undead version of normal horses that can only spawn from skeleton traps. You can tame, equip, and ride them as their usual equivalent. So what do skeleton horses eat in Minecraft? Absolutely nothing, because they’re dead. However, these “zombie horses” can slowly regenerate health overtime on their own.

what do skeleton horses eat in minecraft
Skeleton horses don't eat, so don't bother feeding them

That’s everything on our ranching guide in Minecraft. Horses and sheep will not change your gameplay drastically, but owning some may greatly improve your experience in the 3D blocky world. So turn on your computer, log in to Minecraft, and tame you a trusty companion. For more information on gaming news, tips, and guides, visit our website at GuruGamer.com