A Nether Portal in Minecraft is a manufactured structure that acts as a gateway between the Overworld and Nether dimensions. Players who stand in the portal for 4 seconds would be teleported to the other dimensions. This is the main way for players to explore the most dangerous biomes in the game.

Nether portal guide
Nether portal guide

In this article, we are going to show you how to make your own nether portal.

1 - Build a Nether portal with obsidian

To create a nether portal in Minecraft, players need 10 obsidian blocks to build a 5 by 4 portal frame. The corners of the frame can be other materials. To ignite the Portal, you need Flint and Steel or a Fire Charge to light up one of the bottom pieces of obsidian. The inside of the portal frame should light up with a purple glow - this means the portal is now active.

Nether portal
How to build a nether portal with Obsidian

If you find a ruined portal while exploring, it is possible to just fix it up instead of building a brand new one. While ruined portal can spawn with crying obsidian, you need to replace those blocks with normal obsidian for the whole thing to work.

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2 - Build a Nether portal without obsidian

Players can still make a nether portal in Minecraft without obsidian if they have enough lava and water. This process won't work if the player is in the nether, as there's no water in that biome.

  • Firstly, get 10 lava source blocks in buckets, and a bucket of water. You don't need all 10 at one, but try to have at least 2 lava buckets. Build a mold out of dirt for the bottom. It should be a trench, 1 wide, 2 to 4 long.
  • Fill each block of the trench with lava, then place the water on a mold block to flood the lava so that it turns into obsidian. Extend your frame upward and repeat the process to create the next layers. Three levels of two separated pits are needed for the portal sides, then another trench for the top.
  • Finally, dig away the dirt around the portal and light it up. Keep the portal inside a lit building in the nether.

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