Emerald is a rare ore in Minecraft that can only be found in mountain biomes, one vein at a time. It stands amongst the most valuable resources in the game because villagers use them as currency.

In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 fastest methods to farm Emerald in Minecraft.

1 - Sugarcane farm

One of the main sources of Emerald is through trading with villagers. They will always offer up some emerald for a certain number of random things... and one of them is paper from sugarcane.

A normal sugarcane farm is the best way to farm Emerald in Minecraft

The first thing you need to do is to create a large sugarcane farm. It is best to make this farm as big and accessible as possible. Afterward, you need to get as many librarians as possible (it is recommended to breed these villagers) - they have a fixed offer of 1 emerald for 35 pieces of paper.

Use the paper from the farm to trade repeatedly for Emerald and sooner or later you would be drowning in money.

2 - Farming Raids

This farming method is highly advanced. It involves a pillager tower, raids, open ocean biomes, a lot of chests and a lot of Redstone. It uses contraptions to kill pillager raids for drops (each pillager has a high chance of dropping emeralds and other items when killed). Players need to observe the guide video below thoroughly in order to build this Emerald Raid farm.

While this method has higher rewards, it also requires a lot of preparation, and that is why the Sugarcane method is considered more popular. The Raid farm also lets players farm totems and Redstones.

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3 - Fletcher Villager

Create a Fletcher Villager by trapping a normal villager inside a 4x4 structure. Cover the roof of the structure and place a fletching table inside it. Afterward, the villager would become a Fletcher and offer trades to the player.

Fletcher Villager
Fletcher Villager in Minecraft

Players can create multiple Fletchers to get more trading opportunities.

4 - Weaponsmith Villager

The weaponsmith villagers need Coal, Flints, and Iron and are willing to trade emeralds for them. Coal and Flints are readily available everywhere on the map... and Iron can be farmed at great speed with a farm and iron golems.

Weaponsmith Villager
Weaponsmith Villager in Minecraft

1 Emerald is the equivalent of 15 coal, 24 flints and 6 iron ingots. These villagers also trade weapons to players.

5 - Mason Villager

Cobblestones are one of the most common resources in the game, as they are used for building pretty much everything from walls to buildings. Just smelt all your cobblestone and trade them to mason villagers at the rate of 20 for 1 Emerald.

Mason Villager
Mason Villager in Minecraft

This is even better if you have the silk touch enchantment on your pickaxe - it removes the need for smelting. Clay from swamp biomes is great for emerald trading as well. Mason villagers pay one Emerald for 10 pieces.

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