Minecraft is a sandbox survival game, and because of the "survival" feature, you have to constantly gather food and other resources to eat. Going around hunting every time your character gets hungry is annoying. In this article, we are going to show you the 5 best food farms in Minecraft that automatically collect resources. There are automatic farms for other resources as well.

1 - Wheat/carrot/potato farm

A new player would need any type of food possible. However, wheat is typically the best choice, as it can be used to feed sheep and cows. They are better farm animals than normal pigs due to their extra drop of wool and leather. There are two ways to create a wheat farm:

Normal farm

Wheat farm
The wheat farm is one of the best food farms in Minecraft.

You just need a wooden hoe and some seeds to plant near a water source. Do that near a village or create a new one so that the villagers would automatically re-plant anything you harvest. This is an excellent way to build up a stockpile without having to tinker with blocks.

Automated farm

Wheat farm
Automated farms in Minecraft

This micro-farm requires observer blocks and dispensers filled with bone meal to grow food quickly. This method also works on carrots and potatoes (you can also plant beetroot, but it requires more bone meal). Below is a video tutorial for the process.

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2 - Automated sugarcane farm

Sugarcane is very important, as it is needed to create enchantment for weapons, books, maps, and certain food items. An automated sugarcane farm can be easily created using basic Redstone engineering. You only need a bunch of Redstone, a piston, and either a button, an observer, or a lever.

Sugarcane farm in Minecraft

Plant the sugarcane next to a block of water. Place piston on the level above the sugarcane to break it as soon as it grows. Place blocks behind the pistons and observers above them facing the sugarcane. Create a Redstone wire across the top of the blocks behind the pistons.

Minecraft Automated Sugar Cane Farm
Automated sugarcane farm in Minecraft

The sugarcane pieces will be knocked into the water below. Create a stream of flowing water and have it feed into a hopper and chest to automatically gather all resources. Below is a video tutorial for making sugarcane farms.

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3 - Steak and leather farm

Steak and leather farm is probably the best food farm in Minecraft. This is a multipurpose farm that provides the player with an inexhaustible source of cooked steak and leather. The overall design of this farm is fairly simple - you only need a bucket of lava, a bucket of water, some building blocks like cobblestone, a few signs, a couple of hoppers, some soul sand, some glass, and a chest. You also need some wheat to feed and lure the cows as well.

Steak farm
A completed farm

Building the foundation

Firstly, place your chest and run two hoppers into its back, one behind the other. Place a soul sand block on each hopper and surround them with your building blocks. When the farm is active, the cooked steak and leather will drop into the hoppers through the sand.

Step 1
Building the foundation

The second step is placing glass blocks on the front and back of the farm and a layer of building blocks on the sides. On one of the building blocks closest to the front, place a sign to stop the lava flow. Run another layer of building blocks around and place another glass block at the front. This is where the lava will be placed later. Build a platform on this layer for adult cows to stand on then place a sign on the building block across from the third glass block to prevent lava from flowing.

Step 2
Adding the water and lava

The third step is to build up the walls around the platform then place a water source block on this layer. Remember to block it off to prevent the water from getting into the lava. Add the lava and water then close the rest of the farm.

Finalizing the process

The final step is to lure some cows to the platform on top of the farm and leave some wheat there for them to breed. The newly created baby cow will float down below and cooked by the lava, giving you steak and leather. The more cows you have on the upper platform, the more meat and leather you can gather. You can also install a piston to push any cows that get stuck into the lava.

Below is the video tutorial for this "automatic cow cooker" farm:

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4 - Egg farm

Egg farms are fairly simple to make, and most of them are automated. A simple egg farm requires some hoppers, a chest, and either a block or flowing water so that the eggs can fall through.

Egg farm
Egg farm in Minecraft

First, just place the chest then create a chain of hoppers in the places you want (just make sure that they all feed into the chest. Create an enclosed area above the hoppers for the chicken to sit on then fill it with soul sand so that the eggs would fall through. Finally, get some chicken into the enclosed area by either leading them or spawn them with eggs.

5 - Mushroom Farm

Mushroom farms can only be built somewhere dark, as they only grow on blocks of light level 12 or less. The whole thing is fairly simple:

Mushroom Farm
Mushroom Farm in Minecraft

The observer checks the center block for mushrooms. Whenever a mushroom appears on it, a Redstone signal is sent to the torch and turn it off, retracting the sticky piston to drop the mushroom into the chest. You will get an unlimited amount of mushrooms for your stews. Below is a video guide for this farm.

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