Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time and can be played on multiple platforms including Android. The most popular mode in the game is Survival, in which players need to acquire resources to build and maintain their base in the harsh environment. In the process, you have to face a lot of mob enemies.

Minecraft is one of the most successful games ever

In this article, we are going to list out the Top 10 Most Dangerous Non-Boss Enemies In Minecraft.

1 - Wolves

Wolves are amongst the most likable mob enemies in Minecraft. You can even tame them using a bone. If the player hits a wolf, however, prepare for a rude awakening - their eyes will turn red and they will attack you in packs. While a single wolf is easy to defeat, multiple wolves might swarm you and bring your health down to zero super fast.

Wolves in Minecraft
Minecraft Wolves

2 - Evokers

Evoker is a spellcaster enemy that can be found in woodland mansions and raids. They are the only source of the totem of undying. The evokers have two attack methods: summoning vexes and summoning fangs.

Minecraft Evokers

Each spell creates an object near the player's position to deal damage. The key to defeat Evokers is to move fast to avoid the summoned object.

3 - Zombie Piglin

Zombified piglins are undead variants of piglins that can be found in the Nether. They become hostile when it or another nearby piglin is attacked. The worst part about this enemy is their high damage - a zombified piglin can deal 6 damage per hit in easy mode. If you aggro-ed more than two of them, it can be pretty deadly.

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Zombie Piglin
Minecraft Piglin vs Zombie Piglin

4 - Ravagers

Ravagers are large bovine mobs that appear in raids to attack players and villagers. They attack by ramming enemies with their heads, dealing damage and knockback. The damage alone makes it dangerous, especially when you have to face ravagers in a group of 3.

Minecraft Ravagers

It is best to dodge all the charges before trying to retaliate, as the second ravager might hit you when you are dealing with the first one.

5 - Spider Jockeys

Spider Jockey is a pretty rare enemy - there is only a 1% chance for a spider to spawn with a skeleton riding it. The spider jockey wanders around in the day and hunts the player at night or in dimly lit areas

Spider Jockeys
Minecraft Spider Jockeys

Both the spider and the skeleton on top attack separately. The spider behaves like a normal spider mob while the skeleton on top of it shoots arrows.

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6 - Elder Guardians

Elder Guardian is the stronger version of the normal guardian and behaves mostly like the normal variant. They spawn in a pack of 3 inside an Ocean monument and do not swim around as much.

Elder Guardians
Minecraft Elder Guardians

Elder Guardians have three methods of attacking: firing its laser, inflicting mining fatigue, and a defensive thorn-like attack. Their attacks are highly damaging and their HP is on the high side of 80. Try to dodge their laser if possible.

7 - Blaze

Blazes are floating hostile enemies spawn in nether fortresses. They can fly but normally stay on the ground until attacked. When damaged, blazes would alert others of its kind within 48 blocks to attack the player. They shoot 3 fireballs in a row and multiple of them could be pretty dangerous.

Minecraft Blaze

At least they can be taken down pretty easily due to their low HP. You can push them into the water as well.

8 - Ghast

Ghast are large floating jellyfish in the Nether that also shoot explosive fireballs at the player. The worst part about Ghast is its damage - each fireball would deal 6 damage per hit on the easiest difficulty and 25 on the hardest.

Minecraft Ghast

The high range of this attack is the problem - it is important that you detect them and avoid their attacks.

9 - Enderman

Endermans are tall, black neutral mobs from the End that have the ability to teleport and pick up blocks. They are the only dangerous mob that spawns in all 3 dimensions Overworld, Nether, and End.

Minecraft Enderman

They would pursue the player until killed, and with the ability to teleport, these guys are the most annoying thing you have to face. To avoid them, just ignore them and don't make eye contact.

10 - Creeper

The creeper is probably amongst the most iconic enemies in Minecraft due to its distinctive appearance and a high potential for killing unwary players as well as damaging players' constructions. It attacks by moving around silently and explodes near a player. The explosion can also damage nearby blocks as well.

Minecraft Creeper

A creeper hit by lighting becomes a charged creeper that deals double damage on explosions. Creepers' detonations can be halted if the player knocks it back, get out of its line of sight, or kill it before it can blow up. That's the end of top 10 most dangerous enemies to kill in Minecraft. Don't forget to visit GuruGamer.com for more gaming news & reviews!

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