Minecraft players can breed villagers to raise the population on your farm. They will help you produce more Emeralds and Iron Golem farms for your world. Therefore, you need to know how to breed villagers in Minecraft PE.

1. How to breed villagers in Minecraft PE?

You can use villagers for many purposes in Minecraft. They are very beneficial to some extent. To breed villagers in Minecraft or Minecraft PE, you need to locate a village, isolate two villagers in a room without a door, build them three beds and feed them until they produce a baby. Then, you have to wait for the baby villager to grow up.

Here is the full guide on how to breed villagers in Minecraft PE.

  • Find A Village

The first step to breed villager is having villagers. Thus, you have to find a village to have villagers and breed them. You need at least two villagers to breed. The village is the best place to find villagers in this game. You can find many villagers in those villages to breed.

Find A Minecraft Village Min
You need to find a village with more than two villagers.
  • Build A Room

After finding two villagers, take them into a room. Therefore, you need to build a breeder room with a bed to let them breed. It's not compulsory but you need to build a house to trap them inside. Then, villagers will stay close to each other and won't wander around. Leave the two villagers together in a room alone.

Build A Breed Room Min
Then, build a breeder room with some beds to breed villagers.

Moreover, you shouldn't make a door or villagers can escape. You should build a fence gate to prevent them from escaping. Asides, cover all windows with glass so that baby villagers won't escape the room from those big gaps. You can build the house from any materials you have.

  • Craft Some Beds

To let villagers breed, you have to place at least three beds in the room. Craft two beds for the two breeding villagers and another baby bed for their offsprings. To craft the baby's bed, you need three wooden plank blocks and three blocks of wool. The baby villager will need a soft and small bed. The more unclaimed beds in the room, the more babies they will produce.

Place Breeding Beds Min
Craft more than three beds and place them in the breeder room to make them breed automatically.
  • Give Villagers Food

You need to give villagers some food to eat while breeding inside the room. Collect these foods and throw them in the room. You can pick up potatoes, carrots, and beetroots from the village. Farmer villagers often grow those vegetables in their villages.

Breed In The Garden Min
You can create a breeder room around a garden to let them collect food by themselves while breeding.

Bread is available to buy from the game shop or collect from chests. You can also make bread using three bushels of wheat. It's easy to make the bread by using a crafting table. If you don't have enough wheat in your inventory, harvest it on the village farm.

  • Wait For The Offspring

After all those steps, you only need to wait for the baby village. If you don't want to waste time gathering food for villagers, you can place them in a garden and build a house around that garden. Then, they can collect food and store it in their inventory by themselves. You have to place proper workstations to make the new villagers become farmers, toolsmiths, or whatever you want when baby villagers grow up to adults.

Wait For Offsprings Min
Wait until the breeders produce baby villagers and wait for them to grow up to adults.

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2. What to feed villagers to breed them?

There are four kinds of food that you can feed villagers to let them breed, including 3 loaves of bread, 12 potatoes, 12 beetroots, or 12 carrots. You can collect those foods and throw them into the trap room or grow those foods and build a house covering the garden. You can pick up potatoes, beetroots, and carrots from the village gardens.

Minecraft Food For Breeders
You can grow potatoes, beetroots, and carrots, or make bread to feed the breeder villagers.

Alternatively, the breeders can pick up food by themselves if you place the room on a garden of breeding foods. Each villager has an inventory to store food and other items. They can collect food and do breeding works. It's also a way to breed villagers automatically.

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3. How long does it take for villagers to breed?

Two villagers can produce more than one baby as long as you place enough baby beds in their room. The breed duration depends on the willingness of villagers and the time of the day. The two villagers need to be willing to breed and produce babies. Villagers will produce a baby every 20 minutes. Then, the baby villager will grow up and continue to produce other villagers.

Villagers Benefits Min
Villagers will benefit your farm and world a lot.

4. How often can villagers breed?

Minecraft villagers can breed autonomously. Two villagers will stop willing to breed after mating successfully. Therefore, you need to make them willing to breed again. The amount of time for villagers to breed again is not fixed. It happens randomly. It can take place every 2 - 5 minutes. The mating also depends on the housing condition and source of food.

Breeder Willingness Min
Breeders need to be willing to mate and produce babies.

5. How to get villagers to breed fast in Minecraft?

To make villagers breed faster in this game, you should place more extra beds in the breeding room. Then, the breeder villagers will breed automatically. Besides, you should build a large breeding room to place more beds. Besides, it's recommended that you should throw a lot of food in the breeding room. Then, breeders won't waste time picking up food by themselves.

Besides, you should breed them in the garden. Then, they can collect more food when using up all foods you give them. The best way to breed villagers in the garden is by building a breeding structure around a garden.

Hope this guide from GuruGamer will help you know how to breed villagers in Minecraft PE easily and quickly. These villagers will benefit your farm and your world a lot.

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