Foxes in Minecraft will appear in taiga biomes. You can tame this animal to take them home and raise it as a pet. Check out this full guide on how to tame a fox in Minecraft PE.

Why You Should Get A Tamed Fox In Minecraft?

Just like in our real world, having a pet in Minecraft world sounds great. However, a tamed fox might not be an ideal pet if you just want to have a companion with you. Unlike tamed wolves that would follow you, tamed foxes need a lead so you can walk them around. They also love sleeping during the daytime, so it's better you leave them at home.

Tamed Foxes In Minecraft And Minecraft Pe
Foxes are among the most adorable animals in Minecraft.

Having said that, you should get a tamed fox in Minecraft because it is an incredibly cute fluffy animal. It can also get you very cool items sometimes. Usually, tamed foxes would bring you things they pick up in their mouths which are mostly feathers. However, these pets could also get their owners some rare items they found in the game.

How To Tame A Fox In Minecraft PE?

Basically, to tame a fox in Minecraft PE or Minecraft in general, players need to prepare some sweet berries before going out at night to find them. Once you see adult foxes, approach them quietly and feed them with berries. These adult foxes will give birth to baby foxes which you can take home with a lead.

Before going into detailed steps, you should learn about the favorite food and spawning locations of the red fox and the white fox in Minecraft.

1. Where Do Foxes Spawn In Minecraft?

Minecraft foxes are often spawned in snowy taiga biomes and taiga biomes. It is a wild animal that you can tame to raise as a pet on your farm. You can find 2 to 4 foxes in a place, maybe a fox family. Foxes were not as lovely as they are nowadays.

Red Fox In The Wild
You can find Red Foxes in the taiga biomes.

In the early days of this game, this animal looks worse. Its appearance has been improved a lot after many recent updates. Foxes in this game will obtain nearby items. If you drop an item nearby the fox, it will appear in the fox's mouth.

White Fox In Minecraft
Go to the snowy taiga biomes to find a White Fox!

There are two variants of Fox in this game with two different colors: red and white. Aside from red foxes, Minecraft villagers can also capture beautiful white foxes to raise. The red foxes are spawned in taiga and the white foxes in the snowy taiga.

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2. What Do Foxes Eat In Minecraft?

Foxes will pick up all kinds of food in this game, except for cake. If you drop a cake in front of the fox, it won't eat the cake. This animal hates cakes. Foxes will eventually eat the food they pick up and suffer from the side effect of the food items. For example, if they eat the food items with poison or teleportation effects, these foxes also suffer from those side effects. Then, they may vomit or get dizzy. You should give them chorus fruits.

White Foxes Eating In Minecraft
Minecraft foxes eat everything except for cakes.

This animal also picks up berry fruits from berry bushes around the map to eat. You can find many berry bushes in Minecraft PE. Therefore, you can find some foxes around berry locations in this game edition. Many red foxes often roaming around berry bushes to harvest berries for food.

Minecraft players can also pick up those sweet berries to feed and breed fox pets. Then, your fox pets will give birth to some baby foxes on your farm. You can drop a totem of undying to help your fox revives if it takes fatal damage. However, the totem can be used only once in this game.

3. Steps To Tame A Fox In Minecraft PE

You can tame wild foxes to make them become your pets. It's very easy to tame a fox in Minecraft PE. You follow some steps below to tame a fox in this game.

  • Step 1. Pick up some sweet berries

Sweet berry is the most favorite food of this animal. You should keep some sweet berries in your bag when going out for taming foxes. Besides, you also need to bring a lead with you to lead the tamed foxes. It's very easy to grow and farm food in Minecraft.

Harvest Sweet Berries
Harvest sweet berries and use these fruits to tame foxes.
  • Step 2. Go to locations of foxes and find foxes

As mentioned, you can find red foxes in the taiga and white foxes in the snowy taiga. Then, find a flock of foxes during their active time. Therefore, you need to go out at night.

Breed Foxes In Minecraft
Find a group of foxes at night to tame a fox.
  • Step 3: Breed foxes and tame baby foxes

Don't run to the foxes or they will run away. You should approach them quietly and feed adult foxes with sweet berries to breed them. Then, the adult fox will give birth to a baby fox. Next, attach a lead to the baby fox so that it won't follow adult foxes around. Then, lead the tamed fox to your farm.

Baby Foxes In Minecraft
Use sweet berries to breed adult foxes to make them produce baby foxes.

Must-Know Behaviors Of Foxes In Minecraft

Here are some main behaviors of foxes in Minecraft that may help you understand this animal better.

#1. Attacking

Minecraft foxes often prey on some domestic animals, such as rabbits, chickens, tropical fishes, salmon, and cod. This pet also attacks mobs if they injure its owner. However, it never attacks wolves despite being attacked. It often runs to the prey and pounces on that target. The fox will lower the whole body to take the high jump and pounce on the prey. It can jump and leap a fence and wall.

Fox Jump Minecraft
Foxes can jump and leap walls and fences.

#2. Sleeping

Foxes are nocturnal animals. Therefore, they often sleep in the daytime and get up at night. You will see foxes sleeping under tree shadows until night falls. If you wake up the fox while it's sleeping, it will go away and find another shadow to sleep. If they cannot find an ideal place to sleep, foxes will sit during the daytime.

Minecraft Fox Sleeping
Minecraft foxes often sleep under tree shadows.

#3. Predators

Minecraft foxes are the prey of two other wild animals, including wolves and Polar bears. These predators will attack foxes within the range of 16 to 18 blocks. Therefore, you should protect your fox pets when taking them out.

Fox Predators
Keep your foxes safe from wolves and polar bears.

#4. Villages

Foxes also sneak into Minecraft villages and steal many things from the villagers during the active time at night. These foxes also steal chicken's food from the hen-houses. Foxes will hold these items in their mouths. But they often swap non-food items for food items.

Fox Steals Things From Villagers
Foxes often steal things from villagers at night.

You can tame both red and white foxes by following these steps. Hope this guide on how to tame a fox in Minecraft PE useful to you. Let's tame some foxes to raise as pets on your farm now.

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