Players can create their own home bases with plenty of pretty biomes in Minecraft. Flat biomes may help players build with less effort but it also means they have to put up more defense for their house.

Therefore, check out our below list of the best biomes for homes in Minecraft. They will not only give you an easy building experience but also have standard defensive abilities.

best biomes for homes in minecraft
What are the best biomes for building homes in Minecraft?

1. Plains

One of the best biomes for homes in Minecraft nowadays is definitely Plains. However, not every Plain biome is similar.

For its flat nature, you will not have to do too much terraforming before building. Plain biomes also tend to feature lots of animals which gives way for the fast animal farms’ creation.

Plains biomes

An ideal Plains biome for building a base has close access to trees, water, and sand. Players will find it hard to create their base if two of these three resources are not available.

2. Mushroom Fields

Although rare, this biome is a great choice for a base to be built.

Mushroom Fiekds
Mushroom fields

First of all, Mushroom Fields are flat and will not need much terraforming. Second, hostile mobs don’t spawn in this biome at all. It would give you quite a serene experience in Minecraft which is incredibly desirable to many.

3. Ocean

Ocean is also one of the best biomes for homes in Minecraft. Despite being a tad challenging to build on, they will offer an incredible defense against any aggressive player or mobs.

Ocean Biome
Seems lonely, but Ocean is ideal for your home building in Minecraft.

Besides, you can make your tree farms so you won’t need to go back and forth every time you need wood. The hardest part about building on ocean biomes is animal access. On the other hand, you can bring animals there by boat and quickly breed them afterward.

Not only having an entirely flat biome that does not require terraforming, but it also has extra security.

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4. Snowy Tundra

Plains and Snowy Tundra share a similarity in that they are both flat and typically do not have a lot of trees.

Snow Tundra
You can build the prettiest home on Snowy Tundra.

Due to this lack, the most recommended Snowy Tundra for building bases must seat close to some kinds of forest biome.

Meanwhile, they offer a special building aesthetic comparing to the Plains biomes. It is among the best biomes for building in Minecraft for a reason and we cannot deny that.

5. Desirable

Why is it the most ideal biome for building you may ask. Desirable is flat which makes it effortless for you to build houses on as well as to beat monsters. Moreover, it even has a consistent source of food as well as trees. That means it will provide players with various food choices from crops to animals as well as a renewable wood source to use.

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