Minecraft seeds are the codes that players put in to create any type of world in their game. They would need to enter the code in a box named “Seed” as they generate a world. If you have a very certain seed in mind, make sure to enter it correctly.

Apart from seeds for long-term survival or diamonds, those for building are also a type that creates a frenzy. So have a look at our list for the best seeds for building in Minecraft PE.

1. Desert Village

Seed IP: -1547993543

Desert Village
Desert Village

One of the best seeds for building in Minecraft PE calls the name of Desert Village. It spawns players close to an extremely flat village.

Moreover, this desert village has a temple along with many resources that gamers can use to begin putting up their empire.

2. Mushroom Island

Seed IP: 1404986100

Ushroom Island
Mushroom Island

This is another ideal building seed as it spawns users on a flat ground that happens to locate close to a mushroom island.

There are a number of close-by caves that you may loot for resources. Moreover, you will have a pretty view from your building as there are water and mountains right close to you.

3. Triple Villages

Seed IP: 1388582293

Triple Villages
Triple Villages

When entering this world, users will spawn automatically before a set of three villages. These villages all seat near one another. Therefore, players do not have to roam around in a far distance just to get from this place to that place.

Meanwhile, this seed’s ground is quite leveled and it poses a great choice in terms of building. You will also be able to garner and use many amazing resources right on the spot.

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4. Island Village

Seed IP: 1421809520

Island Village
Island Village? Definitely one of the best seeds for building in Minecraft PE.

This is one of the best seeds for building in Minecraft and Minecraft PE if you want to create your own house on a little island that also belongs to you. At Island Village, users will spawn on an island, obviously.

However, what makes It stand out is it is no need for you to reach the shore for flat ground. The island you spawn on already has a medium-sized zone that is flat enough for a house to be built.

It also has beautiful scenery which you can enjoy while spawning not far from a village for multiple resources. The island’s unleveled parts are just one to two blocks away, so you won’t have to do much mining to level it off.

5. Island

Seed IP: 1413755523

An island in the middle of the sea

The seed players will use let them spawn on the island that stays right in the middle of the ocean. What’s good about Island is that after you pick up every resource from the village, there comes a very flat land for building.

Although some of the other areas are not equally flat, you can strut a bit to find flat zones for a reasonable amount of blocks. Moreover, you can even build your house on the water if that’s what you want.

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