Minecraft can have a lot of adorable and stunning mods and seeds. However, this game is actually like a Multiverse of Madness with so many more to offer. You will find some of the most horrifying mods, dangerous curses, everything in the likes of Minecraft curse craft.

So check out our article which will probably surprise you with another side of Minecraft.

Minecraft Curse Craft
Check out all curse craft, seeds, and mods in Minecraft.

While there are many potions that give players benefits while playing, Minecraft presents some curses with a negative effect. Here lies the Minecraft curse craft you might want to take on:

Minecraft Curse of Vanishing

This is an enchantment that can make an item vanish on demise. Minecraft Curse of Vanishing can only be made from fishing, chest loot, or trading for enchanted books.

When a player is defeated while an item is enchanted with a Curse of Vanishing, it does not fall on the ground. Instead, it is entirely removed from the Minecraft world.

On another hand, the item doesn’t disappear if it gets manually dropped or placed in a chest before death.

Curse Of Binding And Vanishing
Either a grindstone or a crafting table can remove Minecraft Curse of Vanishing.

Minecraft Curse of Binding

Minecraft Curse of Binding is the enchantment which fends off a cursed item’s removal from its armor position.

The treasure enchantment can be crafted from chest loot and scarcely by fishing. On another hand, the method for this Minecraft curse craft can be enchanted books trading.

Meanwhile, when the Curse of Binding is cast on an item, that item will not be able to be removed from a single armor slot. Unless you are in Creative mode, or you are defeated, or the item breaks, that it can be undone.

Minecraft Bad Luck

Different from Luck, Bad Luck, aka Unluck, is the status effect that cuts down a player’s chance to get high-quality loot. The higher the level of Unluck is, the less lucky the player will be.

Bad Luck
Bad Luck can go to a higher level like Bad Luck II, Bad Luck V.

Meanwhile, this Minecraft curst craft does not occur naturally.

Minecraft Bad Omen

In the meantime, Bad Omen also sits in the curse category of Minecraft. This status effect makes a raid show up when an afflicted user goes into a village.

Bad Omen
Bad Omen

While just boss mots are immune to this curse, only tamed wolves and players can evoke raids. Bad Omen can be destroyed with conventional ways like dying or drinking milk.

Minecraft Cursed Seeds

As mentioned above, not every seed looks dreamy and is full of magic. The worst ones might be these cursed seeds which are the most terrifying to stumble upon. While they may appear normal at first, the cursed appearance will later come to light.

1. Herobrine Returns

Seed IP: 478868574082066804

Herobrine Returns
Herobrine Returns

Herobrine Returns is supposedly the most notorious Minecraft seed. Spine-chilling as it is, the seed actually began the whole creepypasta theory of Herobrine, a frightening villain in Minecraft

2. Nether Fortress Fear

Seed IP: 206889990

Nether Fortress Fear
Nether Fortress Fear

This terrifying seed in Minecraft is loaded with wither skeletons and blazes. Moreover, how the hits bombard will make it hard for the players unless they are extremely late in the game.

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3. Risky Ravine

Seed IP: 1669320484

Risky Ravine
Risky Ravine

One of the worth-trying seeds is Risky Ravine which lives up to its name with lava coating. While common ravines in Minecraft usually are skinny, long, and point in one direction, these seeds stem in too many directions.

4. Zombie Takeover

Seed IP: 6897005041604436933

Zombie Takeover
Zombie Takeover

One of the scariest Minecraft cursed seeds is Zombie Takeover. It spawns users next to a zombie spawner and village.

While you may not think it is too scary in the first place, this seed can later be hard to handle as the zombies will instantly attack the villagers close by.

5. Dangerous Duplications

Seed IP: 289849025

It is challenging to figure out whether it is blessed or cursed as it has a constant repetition.

You may get lost easily in this seed because there are multiples of each part in the map. Moreover, there are winding caves that get you lost, desert lines that confuse every reader, and even recurrent end islands that never seem to stop.

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Download Minecraft Curse Mods

Apart from Minecraft curse craft, players also search for how to install Minecraft curse mods. On another hand, Minecraft Cursedforge is known for having as many mods as a player wants.

Hence, check out how to install mods with this website below.

  • 1. Download Minecraft mods from the Minecraft Cursedforge website and save files to a known location.
  • 2. Locate the folder of the Minecraft application.
  • 3. Place the mods you have downloaded.
  • 4. Upon launching Minecraft, hit the mods button and players should now see the installed mod.
  • 5. Open Minecraft Launcher, then select Installations
  • 6. Hover forge, then select Play.
Minecraft Curse Mods
All things Minecraft cursed related.

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