One of the reasons why players hunt mobs in Minecraft is to earn XP. However, not all mobs will give you the same amount of experience. Often, rare mobs and harder mobs will give you more XP than other mobs. In this article, we will show you the top 5 mobs in Minecraft with the most XP.

1. Baby mobs

While baby mobs look small, they are a really good source of XP. Baby Zombies, Baby Husks, Baby Zombified Piglins, Baby Drowned, and Baby Zombie Villagers give you from 12 to 16 XP when you kill them. While they look small, they are actually quite powerful, which is why they give so much XP.

Baby Mobs Minecraft
Baby Mobs in Minecraft are small but tough.

2. Spider and Chicken Jockey

Spider Jockeys and Chicken Jockeys are rare mobs in Minecraft. This explains why they give so much XP when killed.

Spider Jockey
Spider Jockey in Minecraft

When Baby Zombies ride Chickens, they become Chicken Jockeys and you will get 25 XP when killed.

When skeletons ride on top of Spiders, they become Spider Jockeys. They can drop up to 13 XP when killed.

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3. Piglin Brute and Ravagers

Players can get 20 XP when they kill Piglin Brutes and Ravagers. Ravagers are raid mobs so you can only find them in Minecraft during raids. Piglin Brutes are Nether mobs so you can find them around Bastion Remnants.

They are both quite tough to fight but the reward is worth it.

Pigin Brutes
Pigin Brutes in Minecraft

4. The Wither

The Wither is one of the hardest mobs in Minecraft to beat. Some even argue that it is tougher than the Ender Dragon. It will give you 50 XP when killed but you need to think twice before facing it.

Wither Minecraft
The Wither in Minecraft

5. The Ender Dragon

The Ender Dragon, the final boss of Minecraft, will give you an insane amount of 12,000 XP. This amount is enough for you to get 30 levels. Note that this only applies for the first time you kill the Ender Dragon.

After the first time, the Ender Dragon will give 500 XP each time you kill it. While it is significantly less than when you kill it the first, it is still a lot.

Ender Dragon
The Ender Dragon in Minecraft

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