Enchanted books give Minecraft players the ability to apply enchantments to equipment without an Enchantment Table. Each book comes with at least one enchantment that players can carry around in their inventory.

Minecraft Enchantment Table
Enchant your items to make them better

Enchanted books are everywhere in the Minecraft world, but most likely in a Stronghold. On top of that, treasure chests and loot chests are also great places to look for enchanted books. If you're really lucky, you may even find one in the village chest.

So, how can you tell which is an enchanted book? Quite frankly, they're really hard to miss, thanks to the pinkish-purple glow. You should notice it right away.

How to Use An Enchanted Book in Minecraft?

To be able to use an enchanted book, you will need an anvil. It's a craftable item that allows players to perform certain actions, including applying enchanted books to equipment. An anvil requires a total of 31 iron ingots or 31 iron ores to craft.

Enchanted Books Minecraft Use
Enchanted books require an anvil to use

You can follow the crafting recipe as in the picture below to make yourself an anvil in Minecraft.

From there, place the equipment you want to enchant as well as the enchanted book into the two available slots in the anvil. Combine to apply the enchantment! Do note that the process costs experience levels depending on the type and level of the enchantment.

Combine Enchanted Books Anvil
Combine two enchanted books into one

Note: Certain enchantments only apply to a kind of equipment only. Tools, weapons, and armors all have different enchantments in Minecraft!

The finished product will come out on the right side of the anvil for players to place back into their inventory.

Enchantment Books Vs. Enchantment Table?

What's better? Enchantment books or the Enchantment table? It's actually really hard to compare since they all have their strengths and weaknesses. With enchanted books, you know exactly what enchantment you will get, plus the level of the enchantment. Rare enchantment like Mending can only be found in enchanted books.

Mineraft Enchantment
Different items have different enchantments

The Enchantment table, on the other hand, offers pretty much a gacha when it comes to enchantment. However, it's easier to obtain.

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