Game enthusiasts are thrilled for the biggest upgrade Minecraft has ever had. Post the breathtaking update of nether, Mojang is about to release a beautiful version for mountains and caves. In details, Minecraft Bedrock witnessed changes in powder snow and axolotls as well as many bug fixes.

After the developers made an announcement about the update being divided into two, they have focused on introducing an exciting update this summer. You have the chance to experience new features in experimental mode by getting the beta version. Upon creating a new world, players should also turn the experimental Caves and Cliffs features on.

See how to download Minecraft Bedrock Beta version below.

Minecraft Bedrock
Players are looking forward to the newest Bedrock Edition update.

How to download Minecraft Bedrock

This version is, in fact, available for bedrock players. To download Minecraft Bedrock, you have to register and install for its beta version on Xbox, Windows, as well as Pocket Edition.

Players need to be aware of this information before registering:

  • You will replace the game with a Minecraft work-in-progress version if you join the beta.
  • You won’t have an access to Realms and are not able to join other non-beta gamers while you preview the beta.
  • You cannot open any world experienced in the beta version in the previous versions. Therefore, make copies to prevent losing worlds.
  • Beta builds might be unstable and do not fully represent the quality of the final version.

Next, you can download and experience Minecraft Bedrock at this link.

More guide on the game is specified below!

How to opt-in for Minecraft Beta on different platforms?

Windows 10 and Xbox One players can log in and out of the beta version from the Xbox Insider Hub app. Take note that opting in and out of Minecraft beta may affect every user account on a shared device.

Meanwhile, Android players can choose to opt in and out from the Minecraft page of the Google Play Store.

Minecraft bedrock download
How to download Minecraft Bedrock Beta version.

It can take up to 24 hours to un-enroll from Minecraft Beta.

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How to opt out from Beta on Xbox and Windows

In addition to how to download Minecraft Bedrock Beta version, don’t miss out on how to opt out of the game on these platforms.

Steps for Xbox Opt-Out

  • Open Xbox Insider Hub application, unenroll from Minecraft Beta.
  • Uninstall Minecraft.
  • Hold the power button down until the Xbox console turns off, wait for 10 seconds. Now you turn your console back on. This step is to hard reset the console.'
  • From Games & Apps’ Ready to Install section, reinstall Minecraft.

Steps for Windows 10 Opt-Out

  • First, make sure you have backed up your worlds!
  • Open Xbox Insider Hub application, unenroll from Minecraft Beta.
  • Uninstall Minecraft.
  • Go to the Microsoft Store app to reinstall MinecraftGo.

Bear in mind that load worlds from earlier versions with experimental specs may corrupt the world data. Create a new one with enabled Caves and Cliffs features to get a proactive experience of the forthcoming update.

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