Minecraft is the most popular sandbox game in the world with hundreds of millions of players. The game consisted of blocks that represent different materials. Players can use these blocks to craft, builds anything they want. To play the game on Android, players need to download Minecraft Apk v1.18.32.02 Download Free Softonic Android.

Grass Block Minecraft
Grass Block Minecraft

A grass block is a natural block that can be found easily pretty much everywhere in Overworld in Minecraft. A grass block has grass on top of a dirt block. The color of the grass depending on the biome they are in. The color of the grass always matches the color of its location, doesn't matter where it was originally from. Today, we introduce to you how to make grass blocks in Minecraft and why you should do so.

Why to make grass blocks in Minecraft

You can place Bone Mean on top of grass blocks to grow grass, tall grass, ferns, large ferns, and flowers. Grass blocks can be used as a lure to attract mobs.

When a grass block is fed to a sheep, the grass block will turn into dirt and a sheared sheep will regrow its wool. You can use any type of shovel on the side or top of a grass block to make Grass paths.

Minecraft Grass Block
Grass blocks in Minecraft can feed sheep and lure mobs.

How to make grass blocks in Minecraft?

There are two ways to get grass blocks in Minecraft. First, you can make a grass block by using a tool with the Silk Touch enchantment. Without this enchantment, you will only get a dirt block. Second, you can also get a grass block by killing an enderman holding a grass block. This is the only way to get a grass block without using Silk Touch.

Silktouch Minecraft
You need a tool with Solk Touch enchantment to get grass blocks

Check below for detailed instructions of how to make grass blocks in Minecraft.

How To Make Grass Blocks Inminecraft
Grass will spread to the surrounding dirt blocks automatically after a random durtion of time

Steps to make a grass block from a dirt block

Grass can spread to dirt blocks and make a grass block if the requirements are met. Here is the requirement for grass to spread to a dirt block and make a glass block.

  • The dirt block needs to be within the 3×3×5 range of the source grass.
  • The source grass block needs a direct light of level 9 or brighter on top of it.
  • The dirt needs to have some light on it and the light level doesn't matter. So if there is a semi-transparent on top of the dirt block, the grass can still spread to it as long as the above surface can contact the light.
  • The block directly above the dirt block can't be water, lava, or a waterlogged variant block.  Ice and slime blocks don't prevent grass from spreading.

Grass doesn't need direct contact to other blocks to spread. Grass spread at random intervals to a random block in the range. The spread is not affected by gaps or other in-between blocks. Grass can spread downward and actually spread downward faster than upward.

How do you turn dirt into grass?

Place a dirt block near grass and the grass will grow into the dirt block after a random time. Note that the first block needs to have a direct light of level 9 or brighter on top of it and the dirt block needs any light level.

How do you grow grass in Minecraft without grass blocks?

You can't grow grass in Minecraft without grass blocks unless you place grass in creative mode or use cheat.

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General grass block behaviors in Minecraft


If a grass block is covered by a non-transparent block on top, the grass will die after a random time and the block will turn into dirt. A transparent block can also do the same if it can make the light level of the grass block below level 4 and the surrounding area doesn't have enough light.

Till a grass block with a hoe will turn it into a farmland block.

A sheep can eat the grass of a grass block and turn it into the dirt.

Sheep Minecraft
A sheep will grow back its wool after eating grass on grass blocks.

If a grass block is turned into grass paths, the grass will die.


In Minecraft Java Edition, animals can spawn on grass block with a level 9 or higher direct light. However, this is very rare and it requires many other animals to be nearby. Most animals are created with the world at the start.

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, animals spawn regularly on grass blocks with a level 7 or higher light in Overworld. Note that the grass block needs to have no block above it in order to spawn animals.


You can fill in the Coposter with grass block to make compost.

Above is some tips of how to make grass blocks in Minecraft. Hope the article is helpful to you. To play Minecraft for free without having to pay, check out Minecraft APK.

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