Status effects are crucial in most RPGs... and Minecraft is not an exception. In the game, you can get various useful status effects from items and potions, with some being powerful enough to let you beat the Ender Dragon or Wither.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 most useful potions in Minecraft.

Top 5 best potions in Minecraft

1 - Potion of Strength

Strength potion temporarily increases the melee damage of the player. In Java Edition, it increases damage by 3, with + 3 per tier. In Bedrock Edition, it increases damage by 130% each tier. The duration of the level 2 Strength potion is 180 seconds, more than enough to deal with the most dangerous mobs in Minecraft.

Melee combat in Minecraft
Melee combat in Minecraft

2 - Potion of Healing

The potion of healing is the most basic potion that every player knows to stock as many as possible. It heals 2 hearts at level 1, 4 at level 2, and the effect doubles every tier. This potion inflicts the opposite effect on the undead - it is an alternate way of dealing with those enemies. This is better than the regeneration potion, as the healing is instant.

Healing Potion
Healing Potion

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3 - Potion of the Turtle Master

This potion has a mixed effect of slowing down the player massively while increasing their defense in the process. This is probably designed after the "turtle", a slow creature with high natural defense but next to zero speed.

Turtle Potion
Turtle Master is one of the most useful potions in Minecraft

The level 2 potion would slow players and mobs by 90%, to about 0.5625 blocks per second sprinting, and reduces their damage taken by 80%. This is actually excellent in dealing with tough mobs and bosses, especially if you have good armor and weapons. Just pop one of these potions, stand still, and wack away - you won't take much damage at all.

4 - Potion of Water Breathing

Players need this potion to explore underwater locations. The plus version lasts for 8 minutes - you might need quite a few of them to complete an expedition. Usually, you would want to craft this potion in large batches.

Flooded Cavern in Minecraft
Flooded Cavern in Minecraft

5 - Potion of Fire Resistance

Upon taking this potion, players would be immune to all fire-related damage. Suddenly, the prospect of falling into lava does not seem too scary anymore. To explore regions with lava, bringing a few of these is a must. Usually, experienced players would carry at least one in their inventory.

Lava Zone
Lava Zone in Minecraft

Flowchart on how to make all potions in Minecraft

Below is the flowchart of the ingredients you need to brew any potion in Minecraft. You can also refer to our detailed guidelines to make a potion of invisibility in the game.

Potion Flow
How to craft the most useful potions in Minecraft

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