The Warden is among the new Minecraft mobs that will grace the world in the upcoming 1.17 update. The mob, which can only be found in the new biome, can be considered the mini-bosses in the game.

The Warden will be housed in the “deep dark biome”. It is the first-ever blind mob to be introduced in the title. And although it has a vision disadvantage, it does not mean that The Warden is not smart. In fact, it can bring lethal damage to users.

Warden Minecraft
How to beat a Warden in Minecraft? Here we have the best ways.

Instead of seeing the players and their movement, the Warden makes use of sensors to detect their vibration pattern. Hence, it will gradually approach them and then strike its attack.

These mobs can get rid of a player without armor with only one hit and they can be even more destructible than the Wither. Considering how fatally powerful they are, you will want to know how to protect yourself from them. Below are the 5 best tips to beat the Warden in Minecraft.

1. Wearing Armor

One of the most essential things players need to take up while fighting a Warden is to wear armor. To kill the mob without armor is totally possible, but not very likely. It is quite difficult to tell when it will strike as it can creep up on you anytime.

armor in minecraft
Armor will help you defend from the attacks of the mob.

Players can try to enchant their armor with protection as it will give them more security while locking horns with the mob. Therefore, the damage from each hit will also be reduced.

2. Using a bow

Using a bow will also be one of the best tips to beat the Warden in Minecraft. You can also enchant your bow to equip them with endless ammo or help them be able to deal with a big amount of damage.

Using a bow
You can also beat the Warden with a bow.

You can also attack the mob from afar with a bow to avoid being struck by them. The Warden can still make considerable damage even with armor, so you’d better take that out from a distance.

3. Enchanted Sword

In case you have to melee the Warden as the last solution, having enchantments on your weapon, especially a sword will be the best option.

Enchantment Sword
An enchanted sword will lead you to victory.

If possible, players should use an enchantment with unbreaking, sharpness, and fire aspect. They will not just boost the damage amount delt to the Warden but also make them take some fire effect.

4. Building a Barrier

The best way to prevent yourself from being taken out by the Warden is to build a barrier which will make you unreachable to the mob.

Building a barrier to prevent the mob.

You may use blocks that are not in need, or spare blocks to put up a barrier against the hostile mob. Moreover, users can break one of the blocks so they can see the Warden and attack it with a bow.

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5. Using a shield

Shields are a helpful item in the game and are also one of the best tips to beat the Warden in Minecraft. They can secure you from taking the full damage.

Minecraft Shield
Using a shield is also a wise option regarding the best tips to beat the Warden in Minecraft.

For the unknown, you can craft shields using six wooden planks and an iron ingot. Having a shield in your hand will make it work to the utmost efficiency.

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