The survival mode in Minecraft has become one of the most popular modes of Minecraft. Players drop into a world and try to survive with the bare minimum start. Starting with creating simply to get material, building houses, farming, to hunting all the dangerous beings on the map, especially the Ender Dragon.

When people started getting too used to the mode, speed running became a new challenge for people to try. The goal of most speedruns is to kill the Ender Dragon as soon as possible. This is no doubt really hard to achieve in a randomly generated world because you will need a great number of skills and knowledge to be the fastest Minecraft speedrunner.

Ender Dragon
You complete a Minecraft speedrun when you kill the Ender Dragon

However, if you can choose the world you want to be in, it is a totally different story. There are certain seeds in Minecraft that will give you pretty much everything you need the moment you spawn. So instead of struggling for hours, you can just grab what you need and fight the Ender Dragon right away.

In this article, we are going to show you the top 5 best speedrun seeds in Minecraft.

1) Villages and Desert Temple

  • Seed Code: 1955471898 (Bedrock Edition)

This is one of the best seeds to speedrun in Minecraft Bedrock Editon. You will spawn next to an abandoned village, which happens to be really close to a desert temple. You will be able to find many good loots there.

Not very far from the temple, you can easily find a desert village as well, where you can get even more resources. There is also another abandoned acacia village in the mesa biome.

Best Speedrun Seeds Miecraft
Villages and Desert Temple seeds will give you a great start for a speedrun.

2) Speedrunner’s Delight

  • Seed Code: 6254448515498253750 (Bedrock Edition)

You will spawn in plains right next to the savanna biome and the dark forest. Next to the savanna biome is a desert with a lava pool, desert temple, and a desert village. The dark forest also has a lava pool. You can also find a village with a blacksmith.

With this seed, you will be able to build the Nether Portal easily as well as getting all the material you need quickly.

Best Speedrun Seeds Minecraft
Speedrunner’s Delight seeds offer you many resources

3) Great for a Speedrun

  • Seed Code: 6254448515498253750 (Bedrock Edition)

Great for a Speedrun is one of the best speedrun seeds in Minecraft to start. You will spawn right next to a village with a blacksmith for you to craft all the tools you need right when the run start. Under this village, you can also find mineshafts, which will allow you to find the stronghold.

Moving further, you will find a desert biome that has a village and a desert temple. Locate the Nether fortress nearby so you can make the Nether Portal easily.

Best Speedrun Seeds Miecraft 2
Great for a Speedrun seed Minecraft

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4) Village Spawn

  • Seed Code: -7453340963196383811 (Java  Edition)

Finding a village and a desert temple is always the first thing players need to do when starting a speedrun because of the resources they can find.

In this seed, you will spawn 20 blocks away from a village where you can find tons of resources just by opening a chest. You will find six pieces of obsidian, some bread, and three pieces of diamonds. This allows you to build the Nether Portal easily.

Best Speedrun Seeds Miecraft 3
You can find plenty of material in a chest in a nearby village.

5) World Record Seed

  • Seed Code: 1156391694 (Bedrock Edition)

This seed has been used by several pro players to achieve amazing Minecraft set seed speedrun world records, so it's definitely among the best speedrun seeds Minecraft you should use.

You spawn location will be right next to a village that has 3 blacksmith and tons of resources., including a golden apple, foods, pieces of armor, obsidian, and enough iron to craft full iron armor.

In the village, you can find a well, dig straight down right next to it and you will find the stronghold.

While these  best speedrun seeds Minecraft will give you massive advantages when you start your speed, you still need to try them out many times to know the seed first. After you are used to it, you will be able to run through the map more easily and get the best results out of your speed run.

It is best for you to choose a seed among these top 5 best speedrun seeds Minecraft and stick with it until you know every move you need to make in the seed. This will help you much more than switching constantly between seeds to find the best ones.

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