The Totem of Undying is one of the most useful items in Minecraft. It is an uncommon combat item that can save holders from death. Totems of Undying are dropped from evokers, which spawn in woodland mansions and raids. In this article, we are going to show you how to farm Totems of Undying in Minecraft.

1 - How to farm Totems of Undying in Minecraft

Totems of Undying always drop from Evokers. While Evokers can spawn in woodland mansions, they do not respawn there. Therefore, the most efficient method of farming Totems of Undying in Minecraft is to trigger a raid and defeat it. In hard difficulty, you can get up to 5 Evokers, which drops 5 Totems.

How To Get A Totem Of Undying In Minecraft
Totem of Undying In Minecraft

How to trigger raids

Raids can only be triggered when you have the Bad Omen status effect from killing a pillager captain. While these mobs can spawn as part of a patrol, the most consistent location that you can farm them is the Pillager Outpost. Usually, 1-3 pillagers will spawn here. Explore the map and find one - they always spawn far from a village. Remember to keep the outpost unchanged for the Pillager captains to respawn.

Evokers are very dangerous.

How to defend your village from a raid?

To stop a raid in Minecraft, the best way is to build a wall around your village. Afterward, shoot at the pillagers while standing on top of it. You can also build a bunch of iron golems to defend if you are too lazy.

How dangerous is the Evoker?

The Evoker is a spell caster - it is one of the most dangerous mobs in the game outside of the two bosses. Its main attack summons spikes that deal heavy damage... and after a while, the Evoker can summon a trio of pets called Vexes and send them after you. Try to kill the Evoker first with your bow, as soon as possible.

2 - How useful is the Totem of Undying?

Players need to hold a totem of undying in their main hand or off-hand slot for it to work. It does not trigger even if you leave it in the hotbar, unless selected. The totem of undying also works on mobs that can hold items.

Upon usage, the totem disappears. It can't save players from death by void damage or the /kill commands.

Effect of the totem

Upon activation, the Totem of Undying restores half a heart of HP, removes all existing status effects, then grants 40-45 seconds of Regeneration II, depending on the version. Players also get 5 seconds of Absorption II and 40 seconds of Fire Resistance I as well. Lastly, an animation shows the totem of undying will appear in front of players' screen.

Totem of Undying
Totem of Undying activation

Overall, the totem is a very useful item, perfect as a backup when you explore dangerous areas. It also works in hardcore mode, as well as hardcore multiplayer.

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