Seeing just how vast the Minecraft world is, players need to get creative if they want to make their trips as quick as possible. Lengthy rivers and massive open oceans are among the challenges that the overworld offers. That is the reason why making a boat is inevitable to make the trips much smoother.

Crafting a boat in Minecraft has many benefits and fortunately, its materials are not too hard to get. Here’s how to make a boat in Minecraft for those in need.

Classic Minecraft Boat
A classic boat looks simple but its uses are not to underestimate.

How to make a boat in Minecraft

1. Steps to craft a boat

For the Bedrock and Education editions, a boat recipe needs five wooden planks of the same type and a wooden shovel. In Minecraft Java Edition, the crafting process calls for five matching wooden planks only.

To make a boat in Minecraft, put 2 wood planks on either side of the second row, then 3 planks in the last row. Remember to also place the wooden shovel in the middlebox if you are playing Education and Bedrock versions. After getting the boat, move it to your inventory.

Craft A Minecraft Boat Java Edition
How to make a boat in Minecraft Java Edition.
Craft A Minecraft Boat Bedrock And Education Versions
How to make a boat in Minecraft Education and Bedrock Editions.

You can create wooden planks from wooden logs without having to use a crafting menu. To obtain at least 5 of them, you only need to collect 2 logs.

Meanwhile, the shovel has to be wooden and made from a mix of one wooden plank and two sticks.

2. Boat variants

Different trees grow in different Minecraft biomes and it means that no matter where you end up, it is possible to craft a boat in Minecraft.

Every boat has the same design, but the colors vary in six tones. The color options are connected to the chosen wooden: spruce, oak, birch, acacia, jungle, and dark oak.

Minecraft Boat Colors
There are 6 colors for Minecraft boats.

What can you use Minecraft boat for?

1. Transport players across the water

The main use of a Minecraft boat is transportation over water. Rivers and oceans are usually encountered and using a boat is among the fastest ways to get through them. For those who find the quickest path, boats are the fastest on ice.

A boat travels at a speed of 8 blocks for each second on water and 2 blocks per second on land. However, on normal ice and blue ice, it can travel for a wild 57 blocks and 72 blocks per second, respectively.

Creating a path in your base with blue ice will surely guarantee instant movement.

Minecraft Boat Use
You can use boats for various purposes in the game.

2. Transport animals, materials

On another hand, you can also use boats to transport animals, materials, and even villagers. As they can handle up to two mobs at the same time, you can effectively “trap” the villagers and animals on them and move them back to your base.

This method works well for exotic creatures whose habitats are on special biomes and for players who want to breed villagers in Minecraft for easier trading.

3. Fuel and exchange item

Another use of boats in Minecraft, which is actually less common, is being the fuel in a furnace. They take 60 seconds to burn.

Moreover, it can be a tradable good with fishermen of master level in villages. You can also trade a boat in exchange for an emerald in Minecraft.

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