Not all biomes are created equal - some are much harder than others. The Desert Biome is one of the most dangrous biomes in Minecraft, with players usually just reset the game to get a better start or relocate to a more hospitable and productive biome. However, playing every game in an easymode biome like Plains can get boring. If you want a unique playthrough, challenge yourself by starting in an endless desert is not a bad idea.

In this article, we are going to showcase how to survive starting out in the Desert Biome in Minecraft.

Build a house first

First of all, you need to dig and get as much sand as possible to craft into Sandstone - this is the best building material available in the desert at the start. You should focus on building a secure house, as you won't be able to find enough wool for a bed anytime soon. You might even have to prepare an emergency shelter for your first night, such as a jump pillar.

Cacti blocks are fairly useful, as they can repel spiders and phantoms. In a Desert Biome in Minecraft, the first few nights are the hardest.

Desert Shelter
Defensive shelters are needed until you have enough resources to build a bed.

Set up a base

Food is not really too big of an issue on desert, as you can hunt rabbits or eat rotten flesh from husks. Looks for any naturally generated structures you can find on the desert for chests, as they might contain useful materials.

Desert villages are extremely valuable - you can check the loot from its blacksmith to get iron for a pickaxe. Afterward, load up on cooked rabbits, go mine, and proceed with your game as normal. Remember to make use of dead bushes - they are very common and can be used to craft sticks.

Desert Village
Your playthrough would be much easier if you manage to find a Desert Village.

Farming probably won't be available for a while, until you manage to get some dirt from underground mining. Get some carrots and potatoes from zombies and begin to grow them. With the sticks from dead bushes and string from spiders, you could use a village crafting table to craft a fishing rod, giving you a sustainable food source. Once you have a steady supply from food farms, the hardest part is probably over.


Fighting mob in the desert is fairly challenging, and you generally want to avoid combat unless absolutely necessary. You will be very weak compared to a normal game in almost every aspect - weapons, armor, equipment, and ability to recover after death.

The lack of cover in the desert makes you more vulnerable to ranged attacks but lowers the chance for enemies like Creepers to sneak up on you. Bows are terrific weapons in this kind of terrain. However, just be careful when facing Endermen, as they are immune to ranged attacks and the flat areas give them a lot of room to teleport.

Husks are a pretty common spawn on the Desert Biome In Minecraft.

After getting enough food and weapons, you can just play the game like normal. Once you locate the portal, you can pretty much just beat it like any other playthrough.

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