Biomes are the various zones that make up the world of Minecraft. There are a lot of different biomes in Minecraft, each with its own characteristics. They are always randomly generated based on world seeds, so there's a chance that you might stumble upon a dangerous biome right on the get-go. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 most dangerous biomes in Minecraft Overworld.

1 - Roofed Forests

Added to Minecraft as part of update 1.7.2, Roofed Forest is a variant of the Forest biome, with several extra features. Overall, the trees (and huge mushrooms) in this biome are very densely packed together, which makes moving around difficult. The "roofed" part means that the large trees prevent all sunlight from reaching the ground, making it dark enough to spawn mobs.

Roofed Forests
Roofed Forests are one of the few places you can find mushrooms.

When passing through roofed forests, prepare to fight a lot of mobs under super annoying terrains. Overall, you can make a decent mob grinder or mushroom farm using this biome.

2 - Extreme Hills

Extreme Hills and its variants are super annoying to deal with. The mountains here are so high you might fall to your death if you try to rush getting through them. While hostile mobs do not spawn here much, having to fight them while avoiding fall damage is not a fun time at all.

This is the only biome in which emerald ore spawns, so you will have to explore it sooner or later to farm emerald in Minecraft.

Extreme Hills
Extreme Hills is one of the most dangerous biomes in Minecraft Overworld.

3 - Swamp

Swamp biomes are considered one of the most dangerous biomes to spawn in Minecraft. Firstly, slime spawns occur naturally at night. These are annoying mobs that multiply when killed, which is pretty hard for players to deal with.

Furthermore, the swamp has a high chance to spawn Witch huts, where witches spawn. They are dangerous mobs that can deal a lot of damage, including negative potion effect. On top of all this, the swamp is filled with vines and shallow water, which can slow players down when they try to escape.

Swamp is actually fairly easy to deal with if you can avoid the mobs.

4 - Desert

Desert biomes are very bare. Similar to IRL deserts, they lack a lot of resources that can sustain life. They contain sand, sandstone, dead bushes, brown rabbits, and cacti. The most important resources in Minecraft are food for sustenance and wood for crafting. You can easily die because the desert lacks both of them.

There is nothing but bunnies here and they are hard to catch. It is likely that you'd stumble into some of the most dangerous mobs in Minecraft - there is a lot that can spawn here, including endermen.

Desert Minecraft
The desert is one of the most dangerous biomes in Minecraft, both in surviving and dealing with mobs.

5 - Ocean

Ocean biomes are the same as deserts - they just lack everything. Players usually only try to tackle these biomes at the endgame, where they have enough resources to breathe underwater, build a conduit and the like.

Players can easily drown in Oceans without paying careful attention. The lack of wood is even more severe in Ocean comparing to deserts... and without wood, you can't build a boat. Without a boat, swimming from island to island is super slow.

Ocean lacks wood, which is super hard for survival and creating tools.

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