There are so many blocks in Minecraft that you may be overwhelmed just looking at them. Some of the blocks are common, while others, like the Minecraft Shroomlight, are not. Here's more detail about this exciting light block in Minecraft.

What is Minecraft Shroomlight?

Shroomlights are light-emitting blocks that generate inside huge fungi in Minecraft. If you're not a fan of darkness, find yourself some shroomlights! They provide a light level of 15, the highest in the game. Unlike Glowstone, shroomlights also allow Redstone signals to pass through them because they are solid blocks.

Shroomlight can only be found in the Nether.

Where Shroomlight spawns naturally

Shroomlight is found in the Nether realm, specifically in the Crimson and warped Huge fungi blocks. The huge fungi have a chance of containing the shroomlight blocks at the top. This includes both naturally generated huge fungi and huge fungi grown with bone meal. That means you can farm shroomlight, just go slay some skeleton first.

To obtain the shroomlight, you can use either your bare hand or any tool. However, using a hoe is the fastest way of breaking it.

Shroomlight Fungi
Shroomlight often resides on top of the huge fungi.

What can you use Minecraft Shroomlight for?

Being the brightest light source in Minecraft, the first thing you can use shroomlight for is to light up your base. With a light level of 15, you don't need too many of them to completely illuminate your home.

However, shroomlight is rather rare and hard to find in Minecraft. It only spawns in the Nether, making it even harder to get, especially after the Nether Update with new mobs. You will have to fight your way around the underworld in order to locate shroomlight.

Crafting-wise, there has not been any recipe that uses shroomlight in Minecraft.

Shroomlight Close Up
Shroomlight will light up your home.

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