In case you are not familiar with the Nether, it is Minecraft’s alternate dimension that players can only access using a Nether portal from the overworld. Minecraft Nether update mod has all kinds of horror, with challenging terrain and hostile mobs. However, it remains a valuable collection of resources for crafting and looting.

Minecraft the Nether update opens up new chances for creativity and a bunch of new stuff to explore. This deadly attraction has seen many more new features and while most of them are hostile, it is still worth a visit if you have not made an attempt before. Check out the Minecraft nether update mobs list as well as other new prominent additions.

Minecraft Nether Update
The Nether update has intrduced various interesting mobs to the game.

Minecraft Nether Update Mobs

The list of new mobs in Minecraft Nether update include piglins, piglin brute, hoglin, strider, and zoglin. Below are details and where these mobs spawn in the game.


Spawn Locations: usually in crimson forests, uncommonly in bastion remnants and nether wastes in Minecraft.

Minecraft Nether Piglin
You can actually do business with these guys.


  • They are into most gold-related items. They will equip it if the gold item is a sword or an armor piece. Moreover, they will not attack players if players don gold armor. Although piglins can even trade with you, they won’t go equally easy on haggling.
  • Piglins are afraid of blocks that associate with soul light.
  • You can barter them by handing them a gold ingot. It makes them toss a random item on the bartering loot table in exchange.

Piglin brute

Spawn Locations: bastion remnants.

Piglin Brute
Don't mess with the Piglin Brutes, they hit hard!


  • They are not interested in gold items and cannot be bartered. They will come at you whether you have gold armor on or not. Well, we guess they are just not in the mood all the time.
  • They attack on-sight Wither and wither skeletons like normal piglins.
  • Their attack damage is relatively large as they can kill a player without armor within just a few hits.


Spawn Locations: Aka piglin beast, this hostile mob spawn in hoglin stables in bastion remnants or crimson forests. Look out for them when finding a Nether Fortress.

You can bully this mob for food.


  • Among the new mobs in Minecraft Nether update, hoglin cannot be neutralized with gold armor. However, it poses a decent food source if you are strutting around these harzadous caves of the most fatal place in Minecraft.
  • Though they may look adorable, beware of their sharp tusks.


Spawn Locations: the Nether’s lava oceans.

Strider Header
If you find yourself near the lava ocean, you've gone too far.


  • You can breed them with warped fungus to generate a baby strider.
  • You may also ride them using a saddle. On another hand, it can also be taken under control with only a warped fungus on a stick. This is the only resemblance they share with Overworld pigs.


Spawn Locations: Surprisingly, this mob only spawns when a hoglin stays in the End or Overworld for half a minute.

A Hoglin turns a zombie.

Behaviors: Except for other zoglins and creepers, they are aggressive towards every mob.

Other Additions in Minecraft Nether Update

Apart from the Minecraft Nether update mobs list, there are a plethora of new updates in this horrendous dimension.

1. New biomes

  • Soul sand valley
  • Crimson forest
  • Warped forest
  • Basalt deltas
Crimson Forest
Behold the Crimson Forest.

2. New blocks

Minecraft the Nether update puts forth a new block called Target block. As its name has already suggested, it looks just like a target on every side. It emits a Redstone signal when you shoot the block with an arrow.

In the meantime, the snapshots also added new blocks to the Nether with a variety from fungi, stems, to soul soil. The lastly mentioned can be useful in making soul lanterns and soul torches.

Nether Update
There's so much to explore down in the Nether now.

Take a look at the full list below:

  • Soul fire
  • Soul torch
  • Crimson and warped fungi
  • Crimson and warped stems
  • Soul lantern
  • Soul campfire
  • Crimson and warped hyphae
  • Crimson and warped planks
  • Warped wart block
  • Weeping vines
  • Shroomlight
  • Twisting vines
  • Soul soil
  • Crimson and warped nylium
  • Crimson and warped roots
  • Nether sprouts
  • Nether gold ore
  • Basalt
  • Blackstone (and variants)
  • Nether bricks variants
  • Crying obsidian
  • Block of netherite
  • Ancient debris
  • Target
  • Lodestone
  • Respawn anchor
  • Chain
  • Quartz bricks

In case you do not want to get stuck in the Nether in the first place, prepare by making a Minecraft shield or arriving armed with a trident in Minecraft.

Make yourself some Netherite items, they're strongest by far.

As promised by the developers, the Nether update started the gradual rollout to Java and Bedrock Editions from June 23, 2020. Gamers across the globe jumped out of thrill and have been enjoying Mojang Studios’ intense brainchild over the last year.

That's everything you need to know about the new Minecraft Nether Update mobs. If you have been out of the game for quite some time now, we suggest getting the hang of the Nether Update first before downloading Cave and Cliffs. Visit our website at for more Minecraft guides.

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