Mobs are one of the most essential aspects of the Minecraft experience. There are over 40 mobs you can encounter in the world of Minecraft, each has its own special powers. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 Minecraft mobs with unique abilities.

5 - Elder Guardians

Elder Guardians are the main boss that you need to defeat in Ocean Monuments. Each Ocean Monument has three Elder Guardians.

These Minecraft aquatic mobs are the elite version of the Guardians, with better stats and a special ability called "mining fatigue" that prevents players from breaking blocks. There is no avoiding this, as it is an aura that affects an area of 50 blocks around them. Usually, players need to kill all 3 Guardians to mine prismarine from the Monuments.

Elder Guardian
Elder Guardian has some of the most unique abilities in Minecraft.

4 - Evokers

Evokers are the "mage" variant illager that spawn in woodland mansions and during pillager raids. Unlike the usual pillagers and vindicators, they are long-range magic casters with highly damaging attacks that don't rely on weapons. Evokers can summon spikes from the ground and creates a trio of vexes to attack their foes... repeatedly.

Furthermore, they also have a unique ability that can change a sheep's color, making "wololo" sounds. This is a reference to the monks in Age of Empires 1, who also make that sound while converting an unit and change its color. Overall, this is one of the most unique abilities in Minecraft.

Evokers in Minecraft

3 - Shulkers

Shulkers populates the last zones in Minecraft. They drop one of the most useful items in the game - shulker shells. By killing shulkers, you can get their shells to craft shulker boxes, which is a block that can store and transport items.

Shulkers have two special abilities. The first one imbues their attacks with the Levitation status effect. One shulker bullet applies Levitation for 10 seconds, which causes the target character to float. When the duration runs out, the target falls down and takes fall damage. This works super well with the locations where the shulkers spawn, End Cities, which are very tall.

When at less than half health, a shulker has a 25% chance of teleporting after taking damage.

Shulker in Minecraft

2 - Ender Dragon

It just makes sense that the final boss of Minecraft has some attacks that no other mobs can do. The Ender Dragon can ram the players with melee attacks that knock them into the sky, which works super well with the terrain. If players are not careful, they can fall to their death in the void.

The Ender Dragon's main ranged attack is a purple fireball that creates a lingering damaging effect on the ground. It also has a "breath version" that applies the same effect. These damaging purple clouds would cover the battlefield and restrict players' movement.

Ender Dragon
Ender Dragon in Minecraft

1 - The Wither

Extra bosses in video games are usually stronger than the Final Boss, and the Wither fits this trope to a T. Overall, it is the strongest mob in Minecraft. Upon spawning, it creates a huge explosion that destroys almost everything in the area.

The special skill of the Wither is their ability to shoot explosive skulls at the player and other mobs. If the player is hit with one, they will take 4 hearts worth of damage and get inflicted with the Wither II status that lasts for 40 seconds. The status drains health and turns players' health bar black. These guys also have a dash attack that deals heavy damage and destroys blocks.

Wither Minecraft
The Exploding Wither skulls are one of the most dangerous unique abilities in Minecraft.

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