While Minecraft is a fairly peaceful game, there's no shortage of dangerous mobs once you wandered outside of the beaten path. In this article, we are going to list the top 5 most dangerous mobs in Minecraft.

5 - Enderman

Players need to be very careful before fighting an Enderman. They have the ability to Teleport, which enables them to close the distance quickly to deal massive damage. Furthermore, Enderman also spawns in groups of 3 or 4 called "hauntings", which further complicates matters.

Ranged attacks are ineffective against Endermen; projectiles are hard-coded to not hit them. When fighting Endermen in Minecraft, it is recommended to attack their legs to prevent their teleports.

Enderman in Minecraft

4 - Ravager

Ravagers are large bull mobs that only spawn in Pillager Raids. Similar to the Enderman, Ravagers can also close the distance between them and the player very quickly with their charge attack. These charges deal massive damage and knock the player back 5 blocks - which can be dangerous if you are on high ground.

During raids, Ravagers can also spawn with various Pillagers riding on top of them, creating the Ravager Jockey... which is even deadlier.

Ravager In Minecraft

3 - Evoker

Evokers are probably the most dangerous non-boss enemy in Minecraft. They are spellcasters that can deal massive damage with their attacks.

The evoker has two different attack methods: fang attack and summoning vexes. If the player is near, the evoker is much more likely to use a fang attack, and may immediately follow it up by summoning vexes. The vexes chase after the player and deal damage - this is the main reason that Evokers are hard to deal with.

Evoker in Minecraft

2 - Ender Dragon

The Ender Dragon is one of Minecraft's two bosses. It has a visible Health Bar with 100 hearts, the second highest in the game. When facing the Ender Dragon, players must destroy the Obelisks first, as they will heal the boss over time.

The main attack of the Ender Dragon is highly damaging fireballs that linger on the ground, dealing damage to players who step on them. Knowing how to defeat the Ender Dragon is the crucial requirement for beating Minecraft.

Ender Dragon
Ender Dragon in Minecraft

1 - The Wither

While the Ender Dragon is the final boss in Minecraft, the Wither, Minecraft's bonus boss, is actually harder to defeat. In Java Edition, it only has 50% more HP than the Ender Dragon... but in Bedrock, it has double that amount.

To defeat the Wither in Minecraft, players could summon it anywhere. However, it would explode upon arrival, dealing massive damage to everything in the vicinity. The Wither's main attack is Wither Skulls that deal damage and inflict the Withering Status effect. There are two types of wither skulls: a fast-moving black one, and a slower blue one. The blue version can destroy most blocks.

Withers is immune to any environmental effects, heal itself over time and will gain five hearts if they manage to kill any other mob.

Wither Minecraft
The Wither is amongst the most dangerous mobs in Minecraft.

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