A home base is something you must build in Minecraft, and every player has their own build style. However, there are some rooms that need to be included no matter what. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 must-have rooms in Minecraft Base of any player.

5 - Nether Portal Room

Visiting the Nether is something you need to do every playthrough in order to beat the game and find the rarest resources. It is best to connect your base with the nether using a portal room so that you can get there at any time.

As mobs can get through the portal, it is best to build another base on the other side or block off the room so that nothing can get out. You may refer to our detailed guidelines of how to make a nether portal in Minecraft for more information.

Nether Portal Room
The Nether Portal Room lets you get to the Nether at any time.

4 - Smelting/Cooking room

Smelting and cooking are some of the most common tasks in Minecraft. You will need to do them very frequently - therefore, creating a special place to do those tasks can be a good idea.

Players can gather everything they need to smelt or cook into the room over time and work on them when they are ready. This ensures an organized and efficient inventory.

Smelting/Cooking room
A smelting/Cooking room is amongst the most common rooms you should build.

3 - Bedroom

Every base begins with a bedroom. Minecraft players usually know the value of a bed, as they serve as the respawn point for players when slept in. Having a bed to return to makes accidental death a bit easier to take and reduces backtracking.

Because of this important feature, a bed should be built in every base and not just your home base. Sleeping changes the time of day to sunrise and resets the weather to clear weather. The player wakes up next to the bed, facing the bed.

Bedrooms are needed to set your spawn point.

2 - Storage

Minecraft is a "hoarding game" in which players often gather as many random resources as they can carry. Therefore, creating one or two storage rooms might be a good idea. When your base gets larger and your exploration trips longer, you will absolutely need those storage rooms to sort and categorize your resources.

In case you have too many items in your storage, you can build an automatic item sorter to easily arrange them.

Storage is needed in every base.

1 - Enchantment room

Enchantments in Minecraft are one of the best parts of the game. It enables players to do a lot of things they otherwise can't. Players need to dedicate a room for it, as besides an enchantment table, they also need to surround the table with a lot of bookshelves.

Having an enchantment room to your home base or even your side base can be really convenient, as you can enchant your items at any time. They are also great spots to store your enchanted books.

Enchantment room
An Enchantment room is amongst the first rooms you should build.

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