Herobrine is a legend whose history dates back to the very first days of Minecraft. The spooky ghost miner first appeared in the early 2010s, becoming the inspiration for many gameplay videos and live streaming sessions to come.

Today, we will take you back to the start to meet Minecraft Herobrine. Together, we will solve the game's longest-standing mystery: is Herobrine real?

Minecraft Herobrine
Let's talk about Herobrine.

1. Who Is Minecraft Herobrine?

Legends have that Herobrine is kind of a ghost who haunts single-player worlds. He looks exactly like a standard Steve, Minecraft's default player skin, but with harrowing white eyes. Everything about this guy screams creepiness.

Early videos said Herobrine was always in your world, even if you never spot him. He was somewhere in your save file, digging the mysterious 2x2 tunnels. He might also be the one who took all the glass or leaves from your world. Some claimed to see Minecraft Herobrine in a form of a cow or sheep with white eyes, too.

Other speculations tie Minecraft Herobrine in real life to the dead brother of Minecraft's original creator.

Over the years, there have been countless self-claimed encounters with Herobrine. Though he doesn't seem to be dangerous, most players immediately run for the hill when they see him. Those who manage to spot him from afar often see him standing totally still, looking into the distance.

Minecraft Herobrine Spooky
Herobrine looks just like Steve, but with crazy white eyes.

2. The Origins Of Herobrine

The first recorded sighting of Herobrine was back from Minecraft's alpha. One poster shared the image below, saying he spotted another character in his singleplayer world who looked at him from the dense fog between the trees, then vanished into thin air.

Later, he posted the picture, wondering if anyone else had the same experience. He got no response. Instead, the post was taken down and he received a private message from a user called Herobrine simply saying "stop".

Other players who also spotted similar mysterious signs in their Minecraft worlds got together. After a talk, they believed Herobrine to be the alias of a Swedish player - the late brother of Minecraft's original creator Notch.

Herobrine appeared in two live stream sessions not long after. Both ends with the streamer took off running for their lives. We never saw what Herobrine actually did. From there, Herobrine is officially a star in the game. He was so popular that players constantly search for how to become Herobrine in Minecraft and all want to summon him into their world.

Minecraft Herobrine First Sighting
This is where everything starts.

Herobrine Takes Over

Herobrine may not be a virus, but words about him spread like one. The spooky character became the topic of numerous threads on the Minecraft Forums. While some players allegedly saw the character, others claimed that he was obviously fake.

Minecraft Herobrine Swords
Herobrine is now more popular than he ever was.

At that time, you cannot watch YouTube without a Herobrine video popping up here and there. His YouTube invasion started with videos of Herobrine sightings, then quickly turned into jumpscare videos. Even Mojang jumped into the action. As an homage to the meme, Minecraft patch notes to this day often include the line "Removed Herobrine."

Herobrine became the source of inspiration for countless mods, stories, books,... Now, you can even download Minecraft Herobrine skin online. If you're down for something scary, try the Herobrine Horror Mod. It was created around the 10th anniversary of Herobrine's first big splash.

3. Minecraft Herobrine Seed

A decade after the first-ever sighting of Herobrine, the Minecraft At Home project made a profound discovery. They unearthed the seed where the first original creepy picture of Herobrine was taken. Care for a look? Here's how you can visit the world and look for Herobrine yourself:

  • Activate the "Historical versions" feature on Minecraft Java Edition.
  • Select version a1.0.16
  • Type in World Seed: 478868574082066804
  • Alpha Coordinates: X=5.06 Y=71 (72.62 eye pos) Z=-298.54
  • Camera Angle: RX=93.75 RY=-1.2

But in case you actually come across Herobrine, what should you do? How do you defeat Herobrine? Well, you can stay and try to fight him with your sword. However, we would suggest a more rational approach that proves to be very effective. Run!

Minecraft Herobrine Feature
You'll never know you're being watched.

4. Is Herobrine Real?

Unfortunately, nope. Herobrine definitely earns his place in the minds of many Minecraft players whose hearts almost fell out after being spooked in their younger years. But other than that, we're sorry to break it to you, but Herobrine isn't real.

Everything was set up right from the beginning. Remember the streamers who claimed to see Herobrine in his video? Well, it was a painting that he retextured a painting to look like Herobrine. With a quick glance, it's more than enough to fool people.

Minecraft creator Notch has tweeted about Herobrine several times over the years. In 2012, he said that that "I don't have a dead brother, and he never was in the game. Not real. Never was."

You can try to summon him, but nothing will happen without a mod.

That sums up everything about the story of Minecraft Herobrine. Whether he is real or not, Herobrine definitely did his part to contribute to Minecraft's huge success over the years. Let's all remember him as a legend of our childhood.

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