Minecraft is a sandbox game that features a huge world made of blocks that represent different materials. Naturally, the game consumes quite a lot of resources on your computer despite the blocky look of it. The game has spawned and respawns entities that are far away from your location to use fewer computer resources. However, that doesn't always work out well.

If your world has been running for a while, you might feel lag and stutter happening often. Chance are there are simply too many mobs in your world that haven’t despawned. There is one way to fix this problem. You just have to kill all the mobs and your game will be normal again. But how to kill all mobs in Minecraft?

Obviously, you cannot just travel around the world and kill each of them manually. It will take an insane amount of time and the mobs will spawn back anyway. Instead, you can kill all mobs in Minecraft with a kill command, fast and simple.

Minecraft Mobs
Too many mobs in your world in Minecraft can make your game laggy and stutter.

1. How to enable cheat in Minecraft

We will show you how to kill all mobs in Minecraft, but in order to use these commands in the game, you must first enable cheat for your world. You can enable cheat in any version of Minecraft.

Follow these steps to enable cheat for your world in Minecraft.

  • Start with opening Minecraft on your device.
  • Press the Play button on the main screen.
  • If you are trying to enable cheat on an existing world, you will see your world in the World tab, below the Creating New World.
Minecraft World Manager
You will see the list of your worlds in the World tab.
  • Press on the Edit button that looks like a pencil next to your world.
  • This will open a Game Setting menu. Scroll down the settings to find the Enable Cheat option. There are also a lot of other settings and options for you to adjust if you want to.
Activate Cheat Minecraft
You must enable cheat to use commands in Minecraft.

With cheat enabled, you can do a lot of fun stuff in Minecraft other than killing all mobs, such as making a teleporter.

2. How to kill all mobs in Minecraft with Kill Command

The “/kill” command in Minecraft is used to kill any entity in Minecraft instantly, including mods, players, and even items. The command can kill a specific target or it can kill a particular group you choose. If you use the command without any parameters, the command will kill everything including you, the player.

To exclude things you don't want to kill, you going to need the "/kill @e" command. This command also kills everything, but you can add things you want to exclude.

How to clear all entities in Minecraft except player

If you don't want to kill yourself and other players in your world, use the “/kill @e[type=!player]” command. However, this command will kill armor stands and items, so you had better watch out.

If you want to keep all the items as well, use the "/kill @e[type=!player,type=!item]" command.

To keep all the players, items, and carts, use this command "/kill @e[type=!player,type=!item,type=!cart]". This is the Minecraft kill all mobs command that will keep you from losing your precious progress.

How To Kill All Mobs In Minecraft 1
This command will kill everything except for players in your world.

How to despawn mobs in Minecraft

If you don't want the mobs to respawn because you want to explore the world, you can use this command "/gamerule domobspawning false" before you use the kill command. This command will prevent mobs from respawning after you kill them.

Despawn Mobs Minecraft
Mobs will not spawn again in your world with this command

If you just want to completely clear the world and reset everything the use the "/kill @e" command twice. The second command is to clean up all the items the mobs drop after being killed.

Note:  If you are not too sure about how these commands work then you should just test them out once or twice in another world that you don't care about first.

3. How to enter commands in Minecraft

You can enter commands in Minecraft using the chat function. Press T on PC, D-pad right on the controller, the chatbox button on Android, to open the chat window. Now type or copy the appropriate command into the chat window and then Enter.

The game will show a list of everything you killed in the chatbox on the left.

How To Kill All Mobs In Minecraft 2
The game will show you what you killed with the command

Now, you know how to kill all mobs in Minecraft. Check out more articles on our site for more Minecraft guides: