The Woodland Mansion is one of the most challenging structures to defeat in Minecraft. They contain a lot of hostile mobs guarding valuable treasures - the best item being the Totem of Undying, which can save the holder from death.

In this article, we are going to show you how to find and beat a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft.

Preparation before entering a woodland mansion

They are usually fairly hard to find - these mansions tend to spawn tens of thousands of blocks away from your initial spawn point. Players must prepare carefully before entering a woodland mansion, otherwise, they can lose all of their valuable loot and time. To locate a mansion, players can trade for a woodland explorer map from a journeyman cartographer.

Trade for a map
Trade for a woodland mansion map is the easiest way for you to find one

It is recommended to bring the following items when exploring the woodland mansion:

  • Multiple stacks of torches, since the mansion is very dark
  • At least a stack of food due to the long travel times, as well as expected damage taken
  • At least enchanted iron armor to defend against vindicators and evokers
  • At least an enchanted iron sword
  • An enchanted bow to shoot mobs from a range
  • Golden apples for when in a bad situation
  • A shield to defend against mob attacks

You don't need to bring all of them - just the majority is enough.

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How to navigate and beat the woodland mansion

Stay alert as you explore. Players should be aware that woodland mansions are very dark, which means a lot of creatures spawn inside. Amongst them, creepers and vindicators are the most dangerous. If a player spots a vindicator, they are recommended to take them out from a distance. If you see a pack of vindicators, you can bait a creeper to blow up to deal with them.

The Vindicator is the main enemy in the mansion - they deal a lot of damage

You can head to the 2nd floor immediately to kill the Evoker and get its Totem of Undying before exploring normally. The totems would save you from ambush deaths. If you spot groups of enemies in the distance, use ranged weapons in Minecraft to thin them out first before charging in.

Always look out for strange missing spaces in-between rooms or solid walls where windows should be. These places could be the sign of a secret room. Two of them contain obsidian with a diamond block in the center, so be sure to take with you a diamond pickaxe to extract the diamonds within.

turn the mansion into a base
You can transform the mansion into a base very easily.

Light up every room to prevent hostile mob spawning if you plan to make the mansion your base. Be careful not to accidentally set anything on fire, as the place can catch fire very easily.

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