Jack-o’-lantern is an interesting-looking carved pumpkin that was added as part of the Minecraft Halloween special update. While its usage in the game varies a bit from that in the real world, how useful and decorative it is, remains an undeniable fact.

So what can players use Jack O Lantern in Minecraft for and how can they make one for themselves? Here's a complete guide for all that matters.

Jack O Lantern 2
How to craft a Jack O'lantern in Minecraft?

Required materials

A Jack O lantern can serve as a light source as well as keep hostile mobs far away. Jack O lantern in Minecraft recipe requires just a few components, bearing in mind that it is such a multifunctional item. The require materials include:

  • Torch
  • 1 block of Carved Pumpkin

You only need to place 1 charcoal/coal and a stick in the 3x3 crafting grid to craft a torch. Carving a pumpkin, meanwhile, would take more time.

A Minecraft pumpkin is not an item players can make with a furnace or a crafting table. Instead, they must find and collect it.

Use torch

First, look for a pumpkin plant that grows in the Minecraft world. You can usually find one in the Plains or Extreme Hills biomes. Once a pumpkin has been found, players must dig the pumpkin up. Make sure you get it before the pumpkin vanishes into thin air.

Second, when you have had a pumpkin, craft a shear with two iron ingots.

Place the pumpkin on the ground and close to you. Use the Hotbar to equip the shear and use it on your pumpkin by left-clicking on it. When you see marks on the pumpkin as indicated in the picture, it means you have successfully carved a pumpkin.

All you need to do now is digging it up, store it in the inventory, and move on to Jack O lantern in Minecraft recipe.

Carved Pumpkin With Shears
Carve pumpkins with shears.

How to make a Jack O Lantern in Minecraft

1. In a Nutshell

To craft a Jack O'lantern in Minecraft, put a carved pumpkin in the crafting GUI with a torch stick on the beneath. Players should place the pumpkin in the 3x3 grid's center.

Once the player has completed making a Jack O Lantern, simply move it to the inventory.

2. Step-by-Step Guide

Follow this simple guide and you will get a Minecraft JAck-O-Lantern without an obstacle:

  • Open the crafting table

Start making a Jack o'lantern by open your crafting table along with the contained ingredients in the inventory.

  • Insert Carved pumpkin

Put the carved pumpkin block you have made from the inventory to the first row's second cell.

Add Carved pumpkin
Place the carved pumpkin on the middle top box.
  • Place the torch

Next, put the torch right underneath the craved pumpkin. It coincides with the second row's second cell.

Add Torch
Next, place a torch exactly under the pumpkin.
  • Place in inventory

Now that players have filled the correct patterns in the crafting area, the jack o'lantern shall show up in the box to the right. You need to move the new item to your inventory, and bam, you now have your own Jack o'lantern!

Jack O Lantern Recipe
Remember to put the lantern into your inventory.

About Jack O lantern in Minecraft

How can we use Jack-o-lantern in Minecraft? In fact, it can work more than being a decoration.

1. Decoration

Sometimes, players use them in themed ghost house projects to add more spookiness, specifically with  Redstone torches and cobwebs.

2. A source of light

When immersed underwater, Jack o'lantern can have light and own a luminance of 15. While they are meant to be decorations, they can also be a striking navigational beacon thanks to the high levels of luminance and exotic appearance.

Jack O Lantern Golem
An iron Jack O Lantern golem.

3. Material to make golems

Apart from that, players can use Jack o’Lanterns to make golems of both iron and snow varieties. You need to stack up the essential number of snow or iron blocks in the requisite configuration, place a Jack o’Lantern atop, and wait for the creation to come alive. When placed, the Jack o’lantern will automatically face you.

Pro tip: Scream “It’s alive... IT’S ALIVE” and the process may be sped up.

FAQs about Minecraft Jack O'lantern

We will also answer the most asked questions about Jack O'lantern in Minecraft.

1. Where do you find Jack O'Lanterns in Minecraft?

You may occasionally find a pre-made Jack o’Lantern in pumpkins piles that generate in snowy taiga and taiga villages. They are most usually found at night as they glow brightly – even underwater, hence melt ice and snow around them.

Jack O Lantern 3
Do Jack o Lantern scare away Enderman? Are Jack o Lantern better than torches? All revealed below.

2. Do Jack O Lantern scare away Enderman?

No, they do not. Their light level merely influences the spawning of mobs, not the direction they would head to.

3. Are Jack o Lantern better than torches?

While both torches and Jack o Lanterns are a decent light source, Jack O'Lantern is better considering the fact that it has a relatively larger light radius and it can function underwater.

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