In Minecraft, exploring caves is quite terrifying as they are cramped, dark, and loaded with enemies. It is easy to run out of supplies, get lost, and get overrun by enemies if you are not careful.

Taking this into account, we say that it’s especially essential to prepare before you go into a cave. There are many Minecraft tips for exploring caves you can make use of and here are the best of them.

8. Use torches

Never enter a cave with no torches in your hand. Gamers who forget this item will realize that they cannot see in the dark or defend themselves from mobs.

Place torches around the designated mining spots will be a big help in keeping you safe.

7. Don’t forget tools

A pickaxe is obviously in need as it can get almost everything in the cave: emerald, iron, diamond, gold. If not use a suitable tool to extract items properly, players would simply destroy whatever they are trying to mine.

Strong weapons like bows and swords also assist players in locking horns against mobs.

A player should have at least two sets of pickaxes and swords when going into a cave.

6. Bring a Shield and Armor

Unless one enjoys getting shot to death by skeletons or exploded by creepers, armoring up is a good choice. You can use iron, leather, diamond, or netherite armor to protect yourself.

Moreover, crafting shields in Minecraft are also recommended as they can help prevent damage from creeper explosions and skeleton arrows.

Minecraft Shields
Using an armor or shield and you'll be more likely to survive.

5. Enchant weapons

Making an enchanting station may sound laborious but it is extremely beneficial. One of the best Minecraft tips for exploring caves is using enchantments.

Those like fire resistance, dealing extra damage, and feather falling are what players might want.

Enchanting is among the ideal Minecraft tips for exploring caves.

4. Bring a water bucket

The deeper a player travels across a cave, the more possible it is for them to stumble upon lava. Therefore, bringing a bucket of water remains one of the best Minecraft tips for exploring caves in this case.

You can use water to put the fire out if you happen to catch fire or fall into the lava. Water can help you survive a long fall if put down the moment you hit the ground.

Water Bucket
Players can also use water to block foes as they have trouble swimming.

3. Seek a Totem Of Undying

Those who find themselves caught in the middle of a raid or wander a woodland mansion’s halls can totally get the Totem of Undying. They need to defeat an Evoker to obtain one.

Why is this recommended? The powerful Totem lets players revive upon death if they have it in their hands when the demise happens.

Totem Of Undying minecraft tips for exploring caves
The Totem Of Undying

2. Get a Milk bucket

Apart from being useful regarding making food, milk also removes every negative effect like magical effects or poison if players drink it. It is also a great item when you face cave spiders or witches.

To have a bucket of milk, you just have to alt-click on a goat, cow, or mooshroom while also holding a bucket. Milk buckets, like buckets of water, don’t stack.

Milk Bucket
Minecraft Milk Bucket

1. Bring comfort food

One of the especially wise Minecraft tips for exploring caves is to have food on hand as food helps regenerate health. Cooked steak, pork chops, salmon, or mutton are the top non-supernatural food you can eat.  Just make sure that instead of eating it raw, you use a smoker to quickly cook it beforehand.

Meat Minecraft
Natural foods are also easy to attain.

Above are 8 tips you should remember before exploring caves in Minecraft. Refer to this video below for more vivid illustration!

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