We have to admit it, the original sandbox game of Minecraft doesn't offer that much of a choice when it comes to weapons. If you want to have some kind of variety, you need to install resource packs that change the combat system. But that's a topic for another day. Now, we'll focus on the top 5 strongest melee weapons in Minecraft that you can find.

#1 Netherite Sword

  • Stats: 1.6 Attack Speed; 8 Attack Damage

Swords have always been a staple of Minecraft's combat system. Ever since day 1, it has provided players with a trusty means to protect themselves against aggressive mobs and monsters. After the 1.17 update, the Netherite sword is the strongest sword, as well as this strongest melee weapon, you can obtain in Minecraft.

5 Melee Weapons Minecraft Netherite Sword
The Netherite Sword deals a whopping 8 damage per hit.

This sword has good damage potential and attack speed. Applied the right enchantments, the Netherite sword will be a massive threat to anything that stands in its way. It deserves to be first in the top 5 strongest melee weapons in Minecraft.

#2 Netherite Axe

  • Stats: 1 Attack Speed; 10 Attack Damage

If we're talking damage per swing, the Netherite Axe is the most powerful weapon for sure. However, it does lack some critical attack speed that allows the wielders to perform more swings, meaning doing more damage.

5 Melee Weapons Minecraft Netherite Axe
The Netherite Axe hits hard!

But the Netherite Axe provides flexibility and utility. It cuts trees and also ignores shields.

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#3 Trident

  • Stats: 1.1 Attack Speed; 9 Attack Damage
Minercraft Trident
It's a shame you cannot craft this item.

The Trident can be both a melee and ranged weapon in Minecraft. It does solid damage up close or from a distance. But there's a catch to it. This item is a rare drop from the drowned and can only be obtained from them. That means it's not craftable, which hurts its value a little bit.

#4 Diamond Sword

  • Stats: 1.6 Attack Speed; 7 Attack Damage
Diamond Sword
The Diamond Sword has always been a trademark of Minecraft.

Coming in 1 damage lower than the Netherite sword, the Diamond sword sits at number 4th in our top 5 strongest melee weapons in Minecraft. If you cannot get your hands on Netherite blocks, this will be a solid alternative.

#5 Diamond Axe

  • Stats: 1 Attack Speed; 9 Attack Damage
Diamond Axe
Last but not least, the Diamond Axe.

We put the Diamond Axe at the last spot for the same reason we put the Netherite Axe in second place: lack of attack speed. Indeed, it deals more damage per swing, but the slash attack pattern of swords is better for large groups of enemies.

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