The latest 1.17 update - Caves & Cliffs for Minecraft is finally here. It brings changes and introduces new content to the sandbox game, including new materials around the world. Here's a quick guide on how to obtain power snow in the latest version of Minecraft!

Snow Biome
The snowy part of Minecraft gets a big update.

Minecraft Cave & Cliffs Update: Powder Snow

The cliffs of Minecraft will now be receiving new snow effects, powder snow blocks, and goats - a new mob. But if you mine through the frosting surface, interesting finds are waiting for you underneath.

But back to the main question, how to get power snow in the latest version of Minecraft? Actually, the process is quite straightforward. All you have to do is to venture to the top of the mountains or snowy slopes. But you cannot mine the power snow blocks. It will drop nothing!

Minecraft 1 17 Powder Snow Block
New block - Snow Powder

Instead, place down a cauldron when it's snowing and wait. The cauldron should quickly be filled with powder snow, which you can obtain using a bucket. Using a power snow bucket will place the power snow block out. You can easily retrieve the block using a bucket.

Remember, do not try to mine the power snow block. Not even a Silk Touch diamond pickaxe can help you with that.

What Can You Use Power Snow For?

All mobs in Minecraft (except rabbits, endermites, silverfish, shulkers, vexes, and foxes) fall through powder snow blocks without taking fall damage. They also slow down all entities in the game, like cobwebs. However, they do not cause suffocation damage.

Goat Header
Watch out for these guys when you traversing through the mountains.

In order to stop yourself from falling through powder snow, wear leather boots. They work for mobs and armor stands, too. You can also use the power snow blocks to stop the on-fire debuff.

Moreover, whenever an entity stands inside a powder snow block, they begin to freeze and take damage. If a player is submerged in powder snow, they will see a frosty vignette slowly fade in at the sides of the screen and the FOV slowly decreases.

Minecraft 1 17 Snowy
In order to stop yourself from falling through powder snow, wear leather boots.

After seven seconds (140 game ticks), the player begins taking damage at a rate of 1♥ HP every two seconds. If the player leaves the powder snow block, the effect slowly wears off.

This makes power snow blocks a fun way to trap mobs, slows them down, and even have a little fun with your friends on a multiplayer server. But be careful because you too can get a taste of your medicine.

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