There are a ton of craftable items in Minecraft that it's nearly impossible to list all in one go. Yet, each of them serves a particular purpose, so it's always a good idea to have as many as possible. Today, we'll guide you on a piece that is super popular in house decoration - the armor stand. Here's everything you need to know about How To Make A Minecraft Armor Stand!

About the Armor Stand

Well, we guess the name speaks volumes about what this item is. The armor stand is a craftable item in Minecraft that allows players to hang armor pieces on it. You can put the helmet, chest plate, pants, and shoes altogether on the stand. It will hold and display all kinds of armor in the game.

Minecraft Armor Stand All
All kinds of armors in Minecraft


Armor stands are entities in Minecraft, hence, they obey gravity. This allows players to rest the stands on non-full blocks such as enchantment tables, snow layers, and slabs. Before we get to How to make an armor stand in Minecraft, please note that any armor on the stand will drop when the stand is broken.

Minecraft Armor Stand Cover
This is the armor stand

The armor stand will display all forms of armors as well, including enchanted or dyed ones. However, most enchantments won't have any effect when on the armor stand, except for the following three:

  • Frost Walker: creates ice blocks on the water as usual (only when the armor stand is pushed with a piston)
  • Depth Strider: slows the armor stand when being pushed with water
  • Thorn: hitting the armor stand will inflict damage


Armor stands do not take damage from cacti but can be broken by arrows. An armor stand destroyed by an explosion or a firework does not drop as an item. Players can place the armor stand in water and lava. This item can't be consumed by the lava.

How To Make A Minecraft Armor Stand?

To start making yourself an armor stand in Minecraft, you will first need to acquire all the ingredients. The recipe requires 5 sticks and 1 smooth stone slab.

Sticks are one of the most basic items that you easily acquire in Minecraft. Just place one wood plank on top of another to get 4 sticks. Wood planks come from any regular wood, just place them into your crafting menu.

Minecraft Armor Stand Poses
Pose the stands to your likings

Regarding the smooth stone slab, you'll need to make some smooth stones. Mining any block of stone with a pickaxe to get regular stones. Then you want to smelt the stones in the furnace to get smooth stones.

Players can also acquire smooth stones in the world, as they will spawn randomly in certain terrains. They can be found inside some houses in plains, savanna, and snowy tundra village in the form of slabs and blocks.

Minecraft How to Make An Armor Stand?

Follow our step-by-step guide below to make yourself an armor stand in Minecraft:

  • #1 Open your crafting table menu to start. If you don't have one nearby, just craft one by placing 4 planks of any kind in a square form.
  • #2 Place the ingredients in the exact fashion as in the picture below.
Minecraft Armor Stand Recipe
Minecraft Armor Stand Recipe
  • #3 Drag the newly crafted armor stand to your inventory and place it anywhere you want.

What Can You Use The Armor Stand For?

The armor stand actually does not have that many usages in Minecraft. It's more of a decorative piece to add the aesthetic vibe to your Minecraft base.

How to Display Armors on the Stand?

To give any piece of armor to a stand, simply hold that piece in your hand first. Point to the armor stand, right-click, and you should see the stand wearing your armor immediately. To take the armor off the stand, use your empty hand, right-click, and it will fall right off.

How to Pose An Armor Stand?

Players can add more decorative value to their armor stands by using the /summon command with NBT tags. These will further customize the armor stands with arms, pose, disobey gravity, dual wield, and other things.

Type in /summon Minecraft:Armor_Stand ~~~ ...

Fill the "..." part with any of the commands below:

  • Arms: {ShowArms:1}
  • Invincible: {Invulnerable:1}
  • No Gravity: {NoGravity:1}
  • No Base Plate: {NoBasePlate:1}
  • Invisible: {Invisible:1}
  • Small: {Small:1}
  • Armor: {ArmorItems:[{Count:1,id:material_partofarmor}]
  • Display name: {CustomNameVisible:1}
  • Name Commands: {CustomName: '{"text":"customname", "color":"customcolor", "bold":true/false, "underlined":true/false, "strikethrough":true/false, "italic":true/false, "obscurated":true/false}'}
  • How to make a rotating armor stand in Minecraft: Rotation: {Rotation:[Xf,Yf,Zf]}
Minecraft Armor Stand Variations
There are different variants of the armor stands that you can summon

That's everything you need to know about How To Make A Minecraft Armor Stand. We hope you enjoy our guide today. If you like what you read here, be sure to check out our website at for more!