The majestic and fluffy pandas are one of the neutral mobs in Minecraft. Usually found in bamboo jungles, they are available in Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

While they own multiple different personalities, each has special features that set them apart from others. There is much more to know about this creature and here’s also a guide on how to breed pandas in Minecraft.

Panda Minecraft Traits
Pandas in Minecraft

Minecraft Panda personalities and appearance

Before learning how to breed pandas in Minecraft, do note that pandas have separate personalities such as: normal, playful, lazy, weak, worried, aggressive, or brown.

1. Normal: No unique features, these pandas normally have a frowning face.

2. Playful: They love jumping around and rolling over. Their fondness for rolling often results in damage or even killing the panda as it could roll off a cliff unintentionally. They usually stick their tongue out.

Lazy Panda
Lazy Panda in Minecraft

3. Lazy: They usually lie on the ground and travel slower than other pandas. These smiling-face pandas are the slowest land mob in Minecraft.

4. Weak: Have a tendency to sneeze more as babies compared to common baby pandas. With a snotty nose and teary eyes, they have other pandas’ half health.

5. Worried: They usually stay far from hostile mobs (creepers, spiders…) and players.  They also shake and hide their faces when there is a thunderstorm. These pandas have pleading (puppy-dog) eyes.

Sick Panda
Weak Pandas in Minecraft

6. Aggressive: And this is the sole kind to be non-passive. When harmed, they do not panic like others. And when something targets the closeby pandas, they will get provoked and begin attacking. Although they have slow speed, their reach seems pretty distant, making these pandas hard to fend off.

7. Brown: They only look different being white and brown. Brown pandas are among the rarest mobs in Minecraft.

Brown Panda
Brown Panda in Minecraft

How to breed pandas in Minecraft

It is worth noting that pandas cannot be tamed like many other animals in Minecraft. But you can breed them, hence they will turn passive instead of being neutral all the time.

They are among the only animals that have additional requirements to be able to breed.

To breed pandas in Minecraft, we must have eight bamboo blocks at least with a 5-block radius of two pandas to enter the love mode. When you have fulfilled this condition, you can start the mating process by feeding bamboo to them. As a baby panda is born, the panda will turn passive to the player rather than neutral.

How To Breed Pandas In Minecraft
Basically, just keep feeding them bamboo until hearts appear over their head and push them together.

As a panda eats without an ample amount of bamboo near there, the other sits and feeds, and not entering the breeding state. You also need to remember that the two pandas may become aggressive if they are fed too close to one another.

When the pandas breed, each of them passes their genes down to their offsprings. They will have a mixture of their parents’ hidden and main genes. While aggressive, normal, worried, playful, and lazy are dominant traits, brown and weak personalities are recessive ones.

You have a 1/32 opportunity for each gene of the little panda to mutate into a different gene.

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