Iron is among the most useful Minecraft ores. Players have been looking for it and fond of using it ever since the start of the game. They can use it for a plethora of crafts such as weapons, armor, iron golems, among others.

For those who wonder how to get iron in Minecraft as well as what is the fastest way to mine iron in Minecraft, will give it all away.

1. Where does iron spawn in Minecraft?

In general, iron is usually found in the overworld underground. If you also want to know about which level does iron spawn the most in Minecraft, it spawns in veins of 1 to 13.

Iron Minecraft
Which level does iron spawn the most in Minecraft?

Meanwhile, the best methods to get iron in Minecraft is digging a mine on your own, or find a ravine or a cave. Players can also find iron bars in generate chests which can be seen in towers, sunken ships, mineshafts, villages, or strongholds.

Below are common places where iron spawn the most in Minecraft:


These are great for finding every sort of ores because caves expose many stones. It is an accessible resource as you don’t have to mine cobblestone to get to the ores.

Iron In Ravines
You can find iron in natural caves and ravines.


Similar to caves, but ravines do have more exposed ores. They are massive slices in the ground that show iron, water, diamonds, gold, lava, and more ores.

Iron Golem Farms

After you have turned all the rocks in mines and caves, you may be running out of natural iron. And iron golem farms are the solution to this.

You can build one with an iron golem, some mobs, and villagers. It will supply you with a considerable amount of iron and even XP.

Iron Golem Farms
Iron Golem farms

2. How to get iron in Minecraft the fastest

In general, to get iron in Minecraft fastest, players have to dig their own mine in the places where iron spawn the most.

Here is the answer to what is the fastest way to mine iron in Minecraft.

  • First, dig down the surface until you pass dirt and reach Cobblestone.
  • Second, begin pushing past the Cobblestone till you made it to the newly-created mine.
  • Once players have got deep enough, begin mining horizontally instead of vertically. They should spot multiple Iron ores at the end. Players can only yield Iron if they dig it using a Stone Pickaxe or higher. A Wooden Pickaxe would not give you any Iron.
How To Get Iron In Minecraft
Assure to use ladders. torches, and signs to get out of this mine seamlessly.

Meanwhile, strip mines are usually only straight lines that Minecraft players mine to seek for ores. As iron can generate up to 20 times per chunk, you will likely get iron using this technique.

Another way on how to get iron in Minecraft is diagonal mining. This way has proven to discover more ores each minute than common strip mining. You can also save some energy by seeking the natural caves and explore them.

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3. How to get iron from iron ore in Minecraft

Iron ore does not drop blocks of iron any longer when it is mined. Therefore, the best way to make use of it on the base of iron is to turn them into Ingots.

Iron needs to be transformed into a Furnace and then refined into Iron Ingots. With these Ingots, players can make a lot of tools and armor.

Required materials

  • 1 Wooden pickaxe
  • 1 Stone pickaxe
  • Torches

Detailed steps

Find a suitable cave. Caves usually appear in veins at a time. Stop wasting your time digging down from the surface, as this will only yield a small chance of success.

1. Find a suitable cave, which usually shows up in veins.

2. Investigate every block surrounding every iron you can find: As iron occurs in groups or veins, there is supposedly more nearby if you find one. Also, check the diagonal blocks.

Iron Block
Iron looks like peach or pink-ish splotches on the grey stone.

3. Place torches: Recover them when possible, but only when it is a one-time mining venture. In other cases, keep them there or monsters will emerge from the dark.

Make sure to use torches also.

4. Mind the vertical level: Use your debug mode or map to check out the “Y” axis as it implies your elevation.

5. Put the materials into your furnace menu to turn the iron ores into iron ingots.

Iron Ore Into Ingots
Iron ingots make the best items to use.

Above is the complete guide of how to get iron in Minecraft, from iron ores or exploring places where iron spawn the most. Hope it is useful to you and don't forget to come back to GuruGamer for more interesting tips.

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