While there are thousands of blocks in Minecraft that represent different types of materials, it not still not enough to make the game truly free for players to do whatever they want. That's why there is a special block in Minecraft called the Command Block. These blocks are truly the ones that allow you to control anything in the game.

In this article, we will show you how to make a teleporter in Minecraft with Command Blocks. It is actually quite simple and only takes you a few minutes to do it. You can also refer to how to teleport using Coordinates at the end of the post.

How To Teleport In Minecraft With Command Blocks
Knowing how to teleport in Minecraft will help you travel around the map fast.

How to make a Teleporter in Minecraft

This is to answer the question of how to teleport in Minecraft with Command Blocks. To make a teleporter in Minecraft, players need to prepare a Command Block, do the setup and install the trigger to complete the procedure.

Before digging into details of how to make a teleport in Minecraft, let's get to know its essential materials first.

About Command Blocks - the material to make a teleporter in Minecraft

Command Blocks are mechanical blocks that allow you to run commands in Minecraft. Command Blocks are not available in Survival mode. You must be an operator on a realm/ server in Creative mode. You will not find it in your creative inventory. You must spawn it with this command: /give (your username) command_block.

Minecraft Command Block
Minecraft Command Block is a special block and it cannot be found in the Survival mode.

In order to activate a Command Block in Minecraft Creative, you can just simply right-click it and then enter a command.

There is a total of 3 types of command blocks:

  • Impulse: This Command Block runs when receiving a Red Stone signal. It will run once and then stop.
  • Repeat: Run commands for every game tick repeatedly. You can choose many commands and the delay between ticks.
  • Chain: This Command Block runs when the previous blocks have executed their commands.

These Command Blocks allow you to do many things in Minecraft, including a teleport, if you know how to use their language. If you use them in a structured way, you can make automated weapons.

How to make a teleport in Minecraft in 3 steps

  • Step 1 - Make a Command Block: You need to be in Creative mode as the operator to do this. Type "/give (your username) command_block" to get Command Block.
Create Command Block In Minecraft
Type in the chatbox the command to get a Command Block in Creative mode.
  • Step 2 - Set up the Command Block: Right-click on the Command Block, set Block Type to Impulse, and type "/tp @p x y z ". This will set up the Command Block to teleport you to the "x y z" coordinates on triggered. You can get the coordinates of a place by turning on "Show coordinates " in the settings.
How To Teleport In Minecraft With Command Blocks
Type in the teleport command and the coordinates of the location you want to go to.
  • Step 3 - Install a Trigger:  There are many ways to trigger a Command Block. Here, we will use Lever to make it simple. Just touch the Level to trigger the Command Block and you will be teleported to the coordinates you set up.
How To Teleport In Minecraft With Command Blocks 1
You need a trigger to activate the Command Block to teleport

Now that is how to teleport in Minecraft with Command Block. It is very convenient to be able to teleport around your world. It will save you lots of time in Minecraft in a big world. You can check out the video below to see how it is done.

How to teleport in Minecraft using Coordinates

Now you have learned how to make a teleport in Minecraft but there are also other ways to teleport in Minecraft.

Teleport yourself in Minecraft

You can also teleport in Minecraft using coordinates if you turn on cheat. This way, you can teleport yourself or anything anywhere, even in the Survival mode. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to teleport in Minecraft using coordinates. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to the settings and turn on the "Activate Cheats" option.
Activate Cheat Minecraft
First, you have to Activate Cheats in the settings menu of Minecraft.
  • Open the chat box in Minecraft. You can do this by pressing T on PC or tap on the chat icon on the top corner in the mobile version.
  • Of course, you need to know the coordinates of the destination you want to teleport to.
  • Type "/tp username" into the chatbox. For example, if my user name was Loo and I want to teleport to coordinates 150 64 250, I would type "/tp Loo 150 64 250" into the chatbox. You can also teleport other players by inserting their names instead of your name.
  • Just Enter and you will be teleported to the location of the coordinates.

More teleport commands in Minecraft

Here are some more teleport commands in Minecraft that you might find useful besides the tips of how to make a teleport in Minecraft by using command blocks.

  • Teleport all players to you: /tp @a @s
  • Teleport the nearest player to you: /tp @p @s
  • Teleport all pigs to you: /tp @e[type=pigs] @s
  • Teleport yourself 100 blocks in the air: /tp @s ~ ~100 ~

Above is the complete guide of how to make a teleporter in Minecraft or how to teleport in Minecraft with Command Blocks and Coordinates. Do come back GuruGamer.com for more tips of playing this open-world game!

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