A lot of Minecraft players aspire to drive a car without having to make a dangerous Redstone contraption. Moreover, some cars are reluctantly made but are not able to move around. Lucky for you, there is in fact a quick and efficient way that will show them how to make a car in Minecraft that moves.

This technique will let players drive a car within just a few minutes. As it requires not too many kinds of items, its building cost is inexpensive, making it suitable for both Survival and Creative modes. Enough beating around the bush, let’s dive into how to make a moving car in Minecraft right now!

Minecraft Cars Craft
How can you create a car that actually functions in Minecraft?

About cars in Minecraft

Minecraft is an awesome game where players can choose different methods of transportation. From horse riding, Minecart, to Teleboaters, users can opt for the method they like.

However, among those uncanny ways of transportation, there is another cool item that most people do not tend to realize. What they can actually use is a car.

Minecraft Car
Cars is one of the transportation means players can use.

As per common knowledge, a car in Minecraft needs to be spawned with mods. In most cases, those cars cannot even move. Considering how versatile they can look and how fast they can go, it is understandable why players search for how to make a car in Minecraft that moves no mods.

Below are what you need in Minecraft how to make a car.

How to make a car in Minecraft that moves

To make a moving car in Minecraft, players need to prepare some sticky pistons, honey blocks and observers. Then they can put the materials in the Inventory and start designing their car using the blocks.

Required materials

This build only needs some blocks such as:

  • Honey block
  • Observers
  • Sticky Pistons
Honey Observer Sticky Piston
Our guide does not require Redstones.

The guide on Minecraft how to make a car has never been more simple with the use of Observer and Honey blocks. While Honey blocks connect to one another and other blocks also, all of them would be pushed by a piston once players push a connecting block.

Step-to-step guide

Here’s how to create this simple and drivable build. The procedure of making a car that can move in Minecraft only takes around 60 seconds.

Simple Minecraft Car That Moves
This is what it will look like, simple but actually works.

1. Place the car’s building materials as mentioned above in the Inventory.

2. Put the Observer block facing towards you.

Step 1
Step 1: how to make a car in Minecraft that moves.

3. Next up goes a Sticky Piston and three Honey blocks. That makes five blocks in a row.

Step 2 + 3
Step 2, 3

4. Turn around, put another Observer next to the last Honey block. Keep putting more blocks in the order of a standard Observer and three Honey blocks.

Step 4 2
Repeat step 3 from the opposite direction.

5. At the same position, put three Honey blocks on the top and three more below like this image.

Step 5
Step 5

6. Grab your wheels and put two in front of the car.

Step 6
Step 6: how to make a car in Minecraft that moves no mods.

7. You can come to the back and repeat steps 4, 5, and 6.

8. Come up to the top of your car, add three yellow sticky blocks at the front and in the back.

Step 8
Step 8

9. Delete two Honey blocks in the middle of the car.

Step 9
Step 9

10. Now, you just need to break the sticky piston at the front of the car and replace it fast.

And you are good to go as the car will start moving forward. You may check out this video to have a closer look into Minecraft how to make a car:

In general, this technique’s creator, NC Picker, starts by placing an Observer and then connecting to it by a Sticky Piston. The regular Piston will push the car forward while the Sticky Piston would pull it forward.

The Observer will allow constant activation of these Piston, making this car continuously move forward. You can stop it by placing a random block before the car and placing another block on the top of the sticky piston.

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Tips on making a moving car in Minecraft

All players should take notes that every block in the build, except for the Observer, Honey, Piston blocks can be changed with other blocks. We are talking about the wheels in particular.

Minecraft Working Cars
Players can make variations of their cars with other blocks.

As you can see, the build can be remade in a lot of ways and can look totally different from the car made in the video. You are highly recommended to entertain yourself with this technique and create a lot of interestingly-looking and amazing cars.

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