Minecraft Survival is a popular sandbox game with millions of players around the world. The game feature a Survival mode where players spawn in a random world to try to survive and thrive. Players can break most blocks in the Survival mode, except for the Bedrock.

In this article, we will show you how to break Bedrock in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

What is Bedrock in Minecraft?

Bedrock is an unbreakable block in the Survival mode of Minecraft. Bedrocks are blocks that make up the bottom-most 5 layers of Overworld in a rouge pattern. In the Minecraft Java edition, the pattern of Bedrock is the same in all world. In the Minecraft Bedrock edition, the pattern of Bedrock depends on the seeds of the world.

Nether Roof Minecraft
Nether roof is made of Bedrock

In the Nether, Bedrock makes up the top 4 layers and the bottom 4 layers in a rough pattern. The Bedrock pattern in the Nether is always the same.

In the End, there is a Bedrock on top of each obsidian pillar, one of which is an end crystal. After the end crystal is destroyed, the Bedrock remains and is lit on fire indefinitely. Bedrock is also a part of the exit portal at the center of the central island.

The End gateway is generated after defeating the Ender dragon and it has 12 Bedblock blocks.

Exit Portal Minecraft
The Exit Portal is made of Bedrock

Bedrock is used to prevent players from falling into the void. Mobs don't spawn on Bedrock. Endermen cannot place the block they are holding on top of Bedrock. When Bedrock is set on fire in the End, the fire will never stop naturally.

Why would you want to break Bedrock in Minecraft?

Bedrock is not meant to be destroyed in the Survival mode of Minecraft so it might seem pointless trying to break Bedrock. However, it is actually quite useful and fun. You can access the top part of the Nether by breaking the Bedrock and then build a ladder or elevator. Or if you want to fall into the void in the Overworld or the Nether.

How To Break Bedrock In Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Bedrock is not meant to be broken in the Survival mode of Minecraft. It makes up the bottom of Overworld and the top and the bottom of the Nether. There are certain glitches and bugs that allow you to break Bedrock in Minecraft. But since they are bugs, the dev constantly patches them in new updates, making them useless. Also, these bugs and glitches often take a lot of time and effort to pull off.

There are two easy methods to break Bedrock in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition. The first one is switching to Creative mode and the other is making use of a Nether portal.

How To Break Bedrock In Minecraft Bedrock Edition
There are many bugs you can use to break Bedrock

Below are detailed guidelines for each method.

Method 1: Switching to Creative mode

The easiest way to break Bedrock in Minecraft Bedrock Edition is by switching to Creative mode. There is nothing restricted in the Creative mode in Minecraft so you can break Bedrock easily. You can switch back and forth between Survival and Creative mode easily.

Normally, the world mode in Minecraft is fixed, but you can change that with this LAN trick. Follow these steps below to learn how to switch to Creative mode.

  • Step 1: Hit Esc to open the Menu.
  • Step 2: Click the "Open to LAN" button.
How To Break Bedrock In Minecraft Bedrock Edition
Open your world to LAN
  • Step 3: In the LAN World Menu, toggle Allow Cheat on and click Start LAN World.
Turn On Cheat Minecraft
Turn on cheat
  • Step 4: Back to the game, press T to open the console box. Enter the command “/gamemode c” to change the mode to Creative or enter the command “/gamemode c” to change the mode to Survival.
Creative Mode Minecraft
Use command to enter creative mode
  • Step 5: If you notice your health bar, hunger, and experience meter are gone, you are in Creative mode. Now you can easily break Bedrock just by right-clicking.

Method 2: Nether portal bug

Here we have another way for you to break Bedrock in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. With this method, we are going to abuse the appearing behavior of the Nether Portal to break Bedrock. This is a simple method and it is quite fast to do.

Nether Portal
You can use a Nether portal to break the Bedrock ceiling in the Nether.

First, you need a one-block deep 1x4 block trench in the bedrock directly above the Nether portal that you used to get the Nether. This method only works with the Bedrock on top of the Nether. There must be no Nether portal in the 16 block radius in the Nether and 128 block radius in the Overworld.

You need to prepare a lot of transparent, non-spawnable blocks such as Glass, Slab,... Now follow the steps below:

  • Put the non-spawnable blocks on every top surface of every block within 16 blocks horizontally and all the way up and down between the bedrock barriers.
  • Destroy the Nether portal you used to enter the Nether. Create another Nether portal that is at least 16 blocks away and go back to the Overworld.
  • Go back to the original Nether portal and travel back to the Nether. A Nether will spawn at the Nether ceiling, replacing the Bedrock.

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