There are many creatures in Minecraft that you can tame. Players may garner and breed chickens, sheep, panda bears, or even tame foxes as pets in the game. And now, they can also add polar bears to the list.

They are the cutest creatures yet their uses cannot be underappreciated. From how to tame polar bears in Minecraft to what do polar bears eat in Minecraft, we have all of the questioned answered right here.

Polar Bear Minecraft 1
See how to tame polar bears in Minecraft below!

1. Where to find polar bears in Minecraft

These animals are only found in Minecraft’s icy biomes. You can use them to ride, attack, or defend. Polar bears in Minecraft are among the best animals to tame for usefulness.

You can see all baby and adult polar bears in the wild. Luckily, both of them are tamable. As they travel in an up-to-four bear party, the most effortless way to tame them is aiming for single bears who do not have any baby accompanying them.

And because polar bears are quite aggressive with a cub in tow, you should be more careful while taming one in a group.

Polar Bear Minecraft
Polar bears are among the most worthwhile animals to be tamed in Minecraft.

2. What do polar bears eat in Minecraft?

Minecraft polar bears eat raw fish. While this mob usually devours every type of fish, Cod and Salmon are the best choices to feed them. Players will need to obtain these fish in large quantities as the bears' capacity is of a great extent. A good amount of food is needed to satisfy their hunger.

You can find fish all over the bodies of water in the world of Minecraft. And onsidering the typical items that a polar bear drops, we can assume that they will eat the fish in the biomes where they spawn. Meanwhile, cod and salmon can be found in almost every ocean biomes. Salmon alone can also be seen in rivers as well as other water resources.

Moreover, you may capture fish with a fish rod or use a sword to directly slay them in the water.

3. How to tame polar bears in Minecraft

Players need a lot of fish to be able to tame a polar bear. They certainly need to capture some before trying to get under the skin of these white, ice-loving bears in the Minecraft world.

To do this, you first need a fishing rod and you can get one by these methods:

  • Creating fishing rods at a crafting table from two strings and three sticks.
  • Stealing from villagers
  • Raiding castles
  • Fishing them out of the water
  • Random chests across the map
  • Meanwhile, enchanted fishing rods can be discovered in underwater ruins.
Tame Polar Bear Minecraft
Feed them lots of salmon and they are yours.

Polar bears especially like salmon and they can be found literally anywhere. In the meantime, salmon is among the fish that can be also useful in taming cats or manipulating dolphins into leading gamers to special underwater spots.

If you do not want to pay efforts fishing for salmon, you can instead kill polar bears to obtain raw salmon, hence use it to tame the alive bears.

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Minecraft Polar Bears Tamed
If the hearts appear, it means they are tamed.

Moreover, you should bring several fish along for each bear that you want to tame. Follow these simple steps on how to tame polar bears in Minecraft:

  1. Give the polar bear the fish
  2. Keep doing it until hearts show up on their heads
  3. Once the hearts appear, it means you have tamed the bear.

Note: Each bear will eat several fish, so make sure to have more than one on hand.

4. How to breed polar bears in Minecraft

Feeding is a great tactic when it comes to how to breed polar bears in Minecraft. Serve two random bear fish and they will be ready to mate.

In fact, polar bears need a massive amount of fish before being tamed. After taming them with our guide above, you also need to make sure to have an ample source of fish in order to make more polar bears.

Just feed them fish and you will be able to create cubs. When the two polar bears are both tamed, the breeding procedure will begin.

Polar Bear
A polar bear and its cub.

It would be better if players do not attack the bear or approach its baby. This mob is passive until triggered or when their cub gets harmed. And the speed of a polar bear is the same as a gamer, it's a smart scheme to keep yourself safe by not provoking any of them.

Breeding polar bears is not the easiest task, to be frank. Just ensure that you also provide them with good habitat which possesses a natural feeling similar to the cold biomes.

Minecraft is now available on various platforms such as PC, Mobile, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch.

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