Are you one of those who are searching for the best Minecraft seeds for Pocket Edition? Lucky for you because you have reached just the right place.

The Windows 10 version of the game is not the same as its normal PC version. The reason why your common seeds do not work is that this Windows 10 edition is in fact Minecraft Pocket Edition, aka Bedrock Edition. If players are looking for an amazing Minecraft PE seed to begin their journey, here are the best Minecraft seeds for Pocket Edition 2021 they can choose from.

Let us be your instructor with the handiest list of Minecraft seeds ever.

1. Flower plains

Seed code: 1425516286

Flower Plains
Flower plains

This serene world is lighting up with flowers everywhere. As one of the best Minecraft seeds for Pocket Edition 2021, it is the perfect getaway for amiable Minecrafters. Craft your own house in this flower garden and pay homage to its beauty.

2. Witch hut

Seed code: 825217104

Witch Hut
Witch Hut

For the unknown, the witch's hut can be discovered in the swamp right close to the spawn spot. Moreover, beyond also presents a small village bundled up in mountains.

3. Lava cliff

Seed code: 98450566

Lava Cliff
Lava Cliff

Waterfalls are out of trend now. Nowadays, it is all about the massive lava columns streaming from a transparent cliff face. This seed in Minecraft is more than a visual spectacle, though.

It is also among the best Minecraft seeds for diamonds Pocket Edition as you will find an isolated mineshaft full of diamonds, coal, iron, obsidian, and gold with just a tad bit of digging around the spawn area.

4. Mesa spikes

Seed code: 742382451

Mesa Spikes
Mesa Spikes

Although Mesa Spike biomes do not exist, this seed will make players believe the reverse fact. Strut straight ahead into the Mesa and you will see the landscape soon becoming mammoth with multi-textured stalagmite formations.

5. Small town

Seed code: MAMAMOOSE

Small Town
Small town

Villages have the tendency to be small deserted huts wrapped around by largely abandoned grounds. However, the small town seed is not the same as its settlements: it mixes three villages to create a legit town. And it is extraordinary to see such a bustling zone made by the game instead of players.

6. Panda watching

Seed code: 57558375

Panda Watching
A panda in Minecraft

Another one of the best Minecraft seeds for Pocket Edition must be Panda Watching. It is a jungle biome filled with cuddly pandas and bamboo trees, aside from their parrot friends. It poses the flawless place to set up your tree house with an impenetrable jungle, swarmed with wildlife.

7. Hollow mountains


Hollow Mountains
Hollow Mountains are among the best Minecraft seeds for Pocket Edition.

While some may think that this seed generates a maddening game, candy crush saga would craft a pretty collection of crippled mountains, topped up with flowing waterfalls and epic overhangs.

8. Festive village

Seed code: 1410403532

Festive Village
Festive village

The festive village staying on the edge could be great to start a home, too. It is an adorable snowy biome with lofty ice spikes.\

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9. Mushroom peninsula


Mushroom Peninsula
Mushroom peninsula

The enormous mushroom biomes surely are among the top-charming elements in Minecraft. A lot of biomes are all about making realistic geographic landscapes, but this seed grows 6-feet high fantasy red-cap mushrooms.

Moreover, it would spawn you in the walking distance of a mushroom peninsula, loaded with fungal, red bovines.

10. Ocean village

Seed code: ACE

Ocean Village
If you ask what the best Minecraft seeds for Pocket Edition are, one of them is definitely Ocean Village.

The joy in discovering Minecraft lies in seeing the usual stuff in unusual corners. This seed’s novelty is out of this world as they dump a village in the middle of the ocean.

It is a lovely seaside port town for players to sit back and chill.

11. Desert cliffs

Seed code: XNXX

Desert Cliffs
Desert cliffs

Desert cliffs generate a mountain biome with multiple overhangs ideal for cliff-diving. The mountains seat on a savannah and desert biome’s edge where players will see find two villages and a blacksmith. You can also loot iron equipment, emeralds, obsidian, and apples there.

12. Diamonds in the Snow

Seed code: -466505624

Diamonds In The Snow
Diamonds in the Snow

This is one of the best Minecraft seeds for diamonds and also the great choice to begin a Minecraft playthrough. The player spawns into a winter biome that is extremely close to a mineshaft and ravine loaded with diamonds.

13. Hillside Village Stronghold

Seed code: -8198

Hillside Village Stronghold
Hillside Village Stronghold

While it crates a hillside village and every amenity you could get from a residential town, the real spotlight of this is that if players do some digging, they will have a stronghold within 64 blocks of the spawning location

14. Underwater shipwreck

Seed code: 1193133207

Underwater Shipwreck
Underwater shipwreck

Seated just off the shore from the spawn spots, the underwater shipwreck offers lots of buried treasure to welcome players in the Minecraft world. It even has a hidden treasure map.

15. Beautiful view

Seed code: 80432

Go straight to the sea and players would find this amazing mountain range raising from the surface of the water. Although there is no material and resource to find, its view can cost a plethora of diamonds.

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