Minecraft is a diverse and vast universe with lots of animals that players can come across. From a chicken to a cave spider, animals in Minecraft are of many kinds and each of them has separate sports of intricacies and quirks.

Over their development period, Mojang has featured a massive number of new animals to the title, varying from tiny bees to cuddly bears. A lot of these additions were suggested and inspired by Minecraft community members.

Our following article will inform you everything about animals in Minecraft from what they are good for the gameplay to where they may show up in the venture.

Animal Mobs In Minecraft
Here lies everything you need to know about all animals in Minecraft.

Animal mobs in Minecraft

For the unknown, there are now 25 animal-like mobs in Minecraft. Interestingly, no mobs among these are hostile by nature.

Every real-world animal mobs in this game are either neutral or passive by nature. Given its massive variation, this is quite strange, but not bad.

The collection of  25 animals in Minecraft have a plethora of diverse uses and features. One of the most common traits of almost every animal mob is they are players’ food source. What stands testimony to this is the cooked meat consistently serving in thanks to their extreme nutrient statistics.

Animal In Minecraft
There are 25 animal mobs in Minecraft in total.

Meanwhile, the top-vital items in the game also rely on these animals for obtaining. Namely, you have to farm either sheep or spiders to collect wood which is an essential item to works such as a bed.

How to tame animals in Minecraft?

You can tame various animals in Minecraft with certain techniques and requirements applied for each. Here are the available animal mobs in Minecraft.

Minecraft Horse
Each animal has its own unique traits.

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Best animals in Minecraft

If you ask, we would say that there is no “best animal” in the game because each of them has its special traits. But if to highlight, there are some really useless animals. For instance, the bat is an animal that serves no down-to-earth function in Minecraft.

Minecraft Fox
All animals in Minecraft are good and useful in their own way.

One of the most favorite Minecraft animals names wolf, a loyal creature that can be tamed quite easily into a trustworthy sidekick. Moreover, the cow is another mob that has become popular recently. It even graces as a potential meme material on social media platforms.

Where to find animals in Minecraft?

Similar to the real world, Minecraft animals can be discovered across the world. To name an example, you cannot see a salmon in the desert, let alone finding a mule in the middle of the ocean. Animals spawn in the ideal biomes for them.

To conclude, the best way to find different types of animals in Minecraft is to simply explore. They tend to spawn in packs, hence, if you manage to find one kind of animal, it is likely that there are more nearby.

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