Dolphins are one of the neutral mobs in Minecraft that have won hearts throughout the game. Considering that players can tame foxes, tame chickens, and such, some may assume that we can also tame a dolphin. But can we actually do it and how can we if so? See our guide on how to tame a dolphin in Minecraft to unravel this myth.

Dolphin In Minecraft
Can you tame and ride a dolphin in Minecraft?

Dolphins in Minecraft

How dolphins spawn

Dolphins are among the most favorite animals in Minecraft as of late. They usually spawn in groups of five and 10 percent of the spawns are baby dolphins. The creatures will also generate in non-frozen ocean biomes.

There isn’t any limit to how many dolphins are able to spawn.

Moreover, when a dolphin is finished off, it will drop 1-3 XP and 0-1 raw cod. In fact, they are much more useful when they are alive. Dolphins do not any unique drop while the tracking and buff they offer are much better than a raw fish.

Dolphin In Minecraft 2
Dolphin in Minecraft

What’s also worth noting is that you cannot breed dolphins in Minecraft.


Don’t dare attack a dolphin as that one and other dolphins nearby will not be hesitate-y to hurt you back. On another hand, dolphins will follow you and give you a speed boost if you are sprinting in the water within their radius.

They can also jump above the water surface and jump into different water bodies. For the unknown, they will avoid guardians as well as elder guardians.

Dolphin In Minecraft 3
Minecraft dolphins can jump above the water and into different bodies of water.

How to tame a Dolphin in Minecraft?

We were so excited to learn how to tame a dolphin in Minecraft just to find out that dolphins in Minecraft can’t be tamed. You can’t ride them, either.

While players can feed them raw cod and they can be pulled with a lead, we cannot tame them as we do with ocelots or wolves. It is challenging to keep a dolphin as it will return to the ocean in the end and it can jump over many blocks to disappear in the water.

Dolphin In Minecraft 4
Apparently, you can't tame or ride a Minecraft dolphin.

Although you can't either tame or ride a Minecraft dolphin, you can feed it a raw cod and you will receive something great from them in return. It would lead the way to some hidden treasure in close ruins or shipwreck underwater. That’s why dolphins are among the best aquatic mobs in Minecraft even after the 1.17 update.

Interestingly enough, one method to get a piece of raw cod is to kill another dolphin. Morbid but it’s how it works.

Moreover, after finding a chest, players can break that chest and again feed the dolphin so they will lead them to even more treasures.

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