Not all the mobs want to kill you in Minecraft. Some are just neutral creatures that mean you no harm if you don't do anything to trigger them. Out of all the animals available in this sandbox game, foxes are perhaps the cutest. And do you know that you can tame a fox in Minecraft? Here's how to do it!

Cute Fox
Who doesn't want one of these cutie pies?

About Foxes in Minecraft

Foxes are neutral mobs that spawn in the giant tree taiga and snowy taiga biomes in groups of 2-4. They are nocturnal animals, which means they're more active at night. Minecraft foxes come in two colors: red-orange and white, based on where they spawn.

Foxes Family
Foxes will spawn in a pack of 2 to 4.

Foxes have a 20% chance to spawn with an item in their mouth. They will drop the item when killed, but who in the right mind wants to kill a fox? Here's a list of items that a fox could hold in its mouth:

  • Emerald – 5%
  • Rabbit’s Foot – 10%
  • Rabbit Hide – 10%
  • Egg – 15%
  • Wheat – 20%
  • Leather – 20%
  • Feather – 20%
Snow Fox
Snow foxes are extra cute!

Foxes will also pick up any item players drop in front of them. That includes the Totem of Undying, which revives the fox if it's killed holding it. Foxes are hostile to chickens and rabbits and will hunt them if they spawn nearby. In return, wolves attack foxes.

How to Tame a Fox in Minecraft?

In fact, the way to tame a fox in all Minecraft versions remains the same as taming a fox in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Foxes are actually very tricky to tame. You cannot feed them like a wolf or lure them in with fishes like when taming ocelots. Instead, in order to tame a fox in Minecraft, you will have to breed them with sweet berries and glow berries. And to make the task more challenging, foxes will run away from any players trying to approach them. So you have to be sneaky.

Fox Hold Leather
There's a chance a fox will be holding an item when spawned.

Once you successfully feed two foxes berries, they will enter "Love Mode" and spawn a baby fox. That's the only way you can tame these creatures and make them trust you. You can also use a lead to force the foxes to follow you, but it's more like kidnapping.

Tamed Foxes
Feed the foxes berries in order to trigger "Love Mode" and dips on the babies.

One more thing, please don't try to tame a fox in real life, especially by this method.

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