When it comes to the food, Minecraft goes the extra mile to make sure players would never run out of options to choose from. The sandbox game offers a plethora of edible items in Survival mode. Some help you restore a large portion of health and hunger, some give buffs, and some are just in for a great time.

Minecraft Cookies Feature
Make all the cookies you can have in the game!

Cookies in Minecraft belong to the last category. They're not the best option to take with you on your journey, but surely are the best to raise the comfort of home. Here's how you can make a fresh batch of cookies in Minecraft!

Cookies' Stats in Minecraft

Though being a wonderful treat, cookies don't have much survival value. They only restore 2 hunger and increase hunger saturation by 0.4. Therefore, if you're thinking about picking some fights or travel far from home, cookies are a bad choice for food.

Minecraft Cookies Feature 2
Cookies aren't the best survival food in Minecraft.

Cookies are craftable items, but there are NPCs who sell them in Minecraft. Journeyman farmers sell 18 cookies for 3 emeralds, not a bad price. Farmer villages will also give players free cookies if the Hero of the Village effect is active.

Another thing, pet parrots cannot eat cookies. So be mindful when you want to feed them some.

How to make Cookies in Minecraft?

To make one batch of cookies, you will need to acquire the following ingredients:

  • 2 Wheat
  • 1 Cocoa Bean

Wheat is a pretty common food item in Minecraft. You can collect it from villages or make your own farms using the seeds you get from breaking grass. Cocoa beans are more tricky to find. You will have to venture into the Jungle Biome and break Cocoa-pods to get the beans inside.

Wheat Minecraft
Farm some wheat! It's used in so many recipes.

Players can also farm cocoa beans by placing a bean on the sides of a jungle log. Logs, wood, stripped logs and stripped wood all work, but they have to come from the jungle.

Cocoas Beans
Cocoa beans are exclusive items in the Jungle Biome.

Once you have acquired all the ingredients needed, combine them in the Crafting Table. Follow the recipe below to craft a batch of cookies in Minecraft. Each batch will give you 8 cookies exactly.

Minecraft Cookies Recipe
Cookies Recipe in Minecraft

In summary, to make a batch of 8 cookies in Minecraft, you need to get 2 Wheat and 1 Cocoa bean and place them in the crafting table. Hope this post from GuruGamer is useful and bring more fun to your gaming experience.

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