Minecraft is topping the sandbox game market right now. Recently, Mojang has made fans happy by introducing a slew of new content via the 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update. In detail, there are three new mobs and two of them are aquatic: goats, glow squid, and axolotls.

Glow squid and axolotls in Minecraft are the two newly-added underwater mobs in the Caves & Cliffs’ first phase, making the entire number of Minecraft aquatic mobs eleven. Meanwhile, there are also hostile mobs such as the drowned or the elder guardian. They will aim at players when they approach them within a certain range.

Trident Minecraft Steve
What are the most favorite underwater mobs in Minecraft?

So what are the best underwater mobs in Minecraft? Let’s find out below.

1. Glow Squid

These are the kind of squid that spawn at an extremely dark place underwater. They glow in the scary depths of the ocean and would drop glow inks sacs when near death.

Glow Squid
These shining creatures have won hearts earlier in a special con.

Glow squids are favored by lots of fans at the 2020 Mob Vote event at MineCon and became an addition after winning the most votes.

2. Tropical Fish

The best underwater mobs in Minecraft list call out tropical fish. They are colorful, pretty, and commonly passive mobs.

Tropical Fish
There are thousands of tropical fish to choose from.

There present 2,700 separate variants of Minecraft tropical fish. Moreover, you can find them in groups of 9 at cap.

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3. Axolotl

Axolotls, despite being the latest mobs in the game, has been considered one of the cutest creatures as of late. They already won hearts since their first introduction in the MineCon 2020 stream.

Axoltls Minecraft
Another adorable creature in Minecraft

They can be found in dark caves and the ocean’s depths; you can also breed axolotls in Minecraft as well. As axolotls can’t survive over five minutes out of the water, if you place them on dry land, they will move forward to the nearest water source.

4. Turtle

These endearing and leisurely reptiles are also one of the best underwater mobs in Minecraft. You can find them on the overworld’s sunny, hot, sandy beaches. Some often underestimate the creature’s speed as they move quite slowly on the land.

Turtles will always find their way to their home beach.

When a turtle hatches, it will remember the block as its home beach. It always tries to come back to this home beach after all.

You can tame Minecraft turtles by dropping melons or sugarcanes on the block it is hiding on.

5. Dolphin

Players can find dolphins in groups of three to five in every ocean biome but the frozen oceans. These are the passive mobs that won’t attack players.

Feed it a raw cod and it will lead you to treasure.

You would be able to collect the Dolphin's Grace effect if you swim fast within a dolphin’s radius. For the unknown, the effect will enhance your swimming speed for 5 seconds.

Besides, they will lead you to a treasure if you feed them a raw cod.

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