When we play the survival mode in Minecraft, combat is inevitable. Regardless of how careful you may be, the doom day will arrive when you are targeted with the ill-omened undead, by evil Illagers or the deep’s denizens.

In most cases, you would need a good sword to control everything. However, there will be times a better-ranged weapon is badly desired. And the bow would do you justice in this happening. To use a bow, players certainly have to be equipped with arrows.

Here’s a specific guide to help you know how to make arrows in Minecraft and how it can assist players in surviving.

Minecraft Arrow
Arrows are essential of you want to use bows or crossbows in Minecraft.

About arrows in Minecraft

A bow can create just as much damage as a sword from afar. But the catch is users have to constantly make ammunition to be able to keep using it.

Meanwhile, making arrows in the game is not hard, but one of the required materials for it could be a bit challenging to collect. Despite all that, making a bunch of arrows is totally worthwhile for archer-wannabes who want to prepare for every possible danger.

Whether you are hunting Blazes and Ghasts in the Nether or fighting the Ender Dragon, one ranged option is certainly helpful. While Crossbows and Bows in Minecraft are both powerful in the game, they will not function without arrows.

Archer In Minecraft
See how to make arrows in Minecraft below.

How to make arrows in Minecraft

To make arrows in Minecraft, players need to prepare stick, flint and feather then place them in the crafting table in the right order. Here are details of required materials and steps.

Required materials

There are three essential things when we make Minecraft arrows:

  1. A stick
  2. A flint
  3. A feather

Players can get a stick by breaking wooden planks down on the crafting table. They can also kill Chickens in Minecraft to get feathers. Any skilled archer will own a chicken-full pen just for this goal.

The required items to make arrows are pretty hard to make.

In the meantime, what annoys players is when they run out of flint as to how inconsistently flint is mined. You have a 10 percent chance to collect a flint anytime you break a gravel block.

Making use of the torch to break a whole gravel stack will not yield flint, hence you will have to do all things manually.

Although this is a late-game method, a solution to speed up flint collection drastically is to use Fortune 3 enchantment on a shovel. This can increase the chance of getting flints from gravel-breaking from a minor 10% to 100%. Seeking gravel should be effortless, but to obtain flint out of it can be tedious and time-consuming.

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Steps to make Minecraft arrows

In your crafting table, stack all the ingredients on top of each other.

Begin with the feather at the bottom, the stick, and then the flint above all.

How To Make Arrows In Minecraft
Follow this simple recipe to make lots of arrows.

As this makes four arrows at a time, you will only need 16 of each material to craft a huge bunch of arrows for your crossbow or bow.

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