Minecraft enthusiasts have been waiting for a cave update for quite a long while as the overworld caves haven’t had any significant update. The developer team then did listen to the fan community and announced the Caves and Cliffs update version at the Minecon Live Event in 2020.

For your information, the update will have new 3D biomes, cave kinds, blocks, mobs, high mountains, and more. Mojang will also enhance the world depth and height to -64 and 320 respectively. Bring in such big changes is certainly the most massive challenge they have faced.

Minecraft 1 17
Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update part 1 has been released and fans are looking forward to the second one.

Due to the global pandemic, their working on the project also encountered many problems. That is why the devs had to separate the changes as introducing such a gigantic update turned impossible. While the first installment of Caves and Cliffs has been released, fans are wondering when the Minecraft 1.18 snapshots get unleashed.

Minecraft 1.18 snapshots would come soon

June 8 marks the release of the Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update. It introduces new adorable mobs along with amethyst geodes, new blocks, and more items. However, most users are thrilled about the version that is released later this year.

Meanwhile, there has been no news about the release schedule for Minecraft 1.18 snapshots, fans are speculating it to release soon as Caves and Cliffs part 2 is scheduled to arrive by the end of the year.

Minecraft Snapshot
There have been new additions in the 1.17 update.

The 1.17 still has some bugs that need more attention such as diamond generation, leashed axolotls… Probably Mojang will release the 1.17.1 with these bugs fixed.

Thereafter, Minecraft fans can expect the new snapshots to roll out. Nevertheless, it should take about a month or so.

Minecraft 1.18 update’s main feature

In the second part of Caves and Cliffs, you can see the rise of the Warden, a new horrifying hostile mob. This is the first mob ever that does not have eyes in the game. Warden would sense players by using vibrations, then attack them. Therefore, beating Warden in Minecraft is quite a challenging job.

For the 1.18 update, Mojang promises to bring about the new mountain and caves biomes. In fact, we will have five brand-new mountain biomes and three new caves. Here are what they should offer.

What can we expect in the 1.18 update? Supposedly a lot of new features too.

Mountain biomes:

  • Snowy slopes
  • Mountain grove
  • Mountain meadow
  • Snow-capped peaks
  • Lofty peaks

Cave biomes:

  • Lush caves
  • Deep dark caves
  • Dripstone caves

Apart from these, the update will also add big ore veins, sculk sensors, among others. Mojang will release the Minecraft 1.18 snapshots soon to introduce new features.

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